A July 31st, 2020 Message from Grandma Chandra

Hello Soul Family!

You are amplifying each other’s work while actively working in your own field much faster and more productively.  You are helping each other to go faster, giving your results to the whole of humanity, and Gaia. 
It is fun for you because you have never done this so quickly or efficiently before. 

As a result, many new souls are attracted to you on the other dimensions because they see the results 
you are getting by your participation and implementation of Creator/Source’s energy and want to be a part of it.

You can see and touch the results and are able to explain the impact that this has on humanity. Your work is the new way, form and shape and gains more energy as it speeds up. 

By doing this work, you are expanding your potential to step up to the next level and begin working with other dimensional beings, groups and energies that have been waiting for you to get to this level. They are already here just waiting to work with you.

Passing through the Lions‘ Gate on August 8, 2020 will not only bring this opportunity into reality, it will energetically link you to those who are ready for this next level. It depends only on your agreement and  your conscious acceptance of the work. 

Look for the signs, energy, information, groups or links as this opportunity unfolds and reveals itself to you. 

 &… if this resonates with you please invite your friends and family.

We are all working together for the Ascension of Gaia,
in the Light, for the Light and by the Light.
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Hugs and Love to all of you,

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