Fighting Monarch

When I was a boy, we read a short story by Richard Connell called „The Most Dangerous Game.“

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most dangerous game 2017The story is perennially popular, so it was made into a film not only in 2017 but earlier in 1932.   Below you can watch the full movie of The Most Dangerous Game.

Pre-Code Hollywood was pretty crazy, and it contained a lot of lurid material and satanic cartel signaling.

White Zombie – More on Satanic Cartel Signaling in Pre-Code Hollywood

„The Most Dangerous Game“ concerns the mad Count Zaroff, who hunts human beings.  In high school, I had a mysterious feeling there was something to this story, but my teacher dismissed it as mere escapism.  

most dangerous game poster 1The all-seeing eyes on the poster imply otherwise….

five eyesIn the 1980s, I forgot all about it; but later I would find my instinct had been right. 

bohemian.grove.owlFiona Barnett…

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