Why Did Amazon Ban The Book “The Contagion Myth”? Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted, Louis Pasteur’s Death Bed Confession – Dr Tom Cowan MD

Truth To Power

Germ Theory Is False. Viruses are Generated Within The Body, They Do Not Come From Outside The Body.Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People Or Transferred Between Species. – Dr Stefan Lanka – Virologist (See Breaking News: Virologist Blows The Whistle On Hoax Pandemic – Viruses CANNOT Be Transmitted – Dr Stefan Lanka)https://wp.me/p19seq-7Ru

The Book “The Contagion Myth” Demolishes The Pandemic Myth!

Authors Present Evidence that “Coronavirus” Does Not Cause Disease

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 22, 2020– The disease called Covid-19 is not contagious and scientists have not properly isolated and purified a virus associated with the disease. The illness, characterized by lack of oxygen, widespread clotting, electrical or “fizzing” feelings, and degeneration of the lungs, fits the description of radiation poisoning from exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. The most likely culprit: microwave radiation from fifth generation wireless—5G. The Covid-19 illness has appeared…

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