Silently || Schweigend


|| English & deutschsprachige Version


I got a smartphone in my hand.
I’m staring at it. It stares back silently.
It’s been a while since we spoke and sent messages.
I’m not waiting for anything, still I feel your presence.
I don’t know how often I realize that each and every day.
You’re always there. I’m thinking of you. Silently.
You’re on my mind. You always are.
I can’t lock you out of my life.
You are right here with me.
Regularly I need to know you’re alive and doing ok.
Not knowing so, drives me insane.
Silent insanity is sneaking up on me.
I try to be reasonable.
I accept you’re living your life in the distance.
I know it’s your choice.
Still you’re on my mind.
I miss you like crazy. Silently.
My heart and soul is connected with you.
I feel you deeply.
That helps me…

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