Love Guru


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Love Guru

Sexual charisma appears with age, experience, self confidence and love. It is an inner glow that seduces. Pure passion and devotion to be shared. Living and enjoying life. Going beyond personal boarders, being curious and free to discover. Taking and filling out your space, a real temptation.

Apparently sometimes it might feel even more explosive, a rich and sizzling source. Glowing. I glow. It’s about the knowledge and wisdom. Acceptance. The urge to share and spread love. The need to be balanced, feel and surround myself with love. Hearts are beating. This special melody and a sound to be heard. It’s an interaction. A source that won’t die. Powerful and intense.

It’s the most treasured compliment I received: „You glow! You should be a Love Guru and I’m your first student.“


Sexuelles Charisma zeigt sich mit Alter, Erfahrung, Selbstvertrauen und Liebe. Es…

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