The Truth In Lying || Die Wahrheit Im Lügen


|| English & deutschsprachige Version

The truth in lying

I got counted out for one of my blog posts „Silently“ by someone special. That person was right. I wrote „Regularly I need to know you’re alive and doing ok.“ and at the same time I claimed being silent. In other blog posts I wave about being in the moment, not wasting time, cherishing quality and pointing out advises like „just do it“. Both sides certainly doesn’t go together.

Sometimes truth can be painful.

It hurts being confronted with that and that is fine. It’s a positive criticism telling me I’m wrong and that I need to get in contact with myself again, investigate, reflecting… thank you. Yes, above all I wanna be pure and for real. I don’t wanna be a fake or plastic person. Instead I’m showing you now, that I’m vulnerable. I suck and I fail. My self…

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