Pinky Blues Poetry


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Pinky Blues

Flowers To Dance In Rain

Outside a gray November day
For a moment it stopped raining
Though sunlight is nowhere to be found
Uncountable tiny water drops
Floating in the air, obscuring my view
My world is wrapped in cotton
Creepy wet coldness sneaks up on me
I’m feeling numb and restless
My eyes are wandering around
Some bright sparkling moments
Are nowhere to be found
All of a sudden my heart jumps for joy
Between nature’s faded colors
In spite of all circumstances
Beautiful orange and pink smiles at me
Passionately alive, a huge energy boost
I’m wrapped within the magic of the moment
I feel the strength of my heart
Recharged and ready to move on
Flowers are dancing in the rain

euonymus europaeus
Giftiges Europäisches Pfaffenhütchen
Poisoning European Spindle

Pinky Blues

Blumen Zum Tanzen Im Regen

Draußen ein grauer Novembertag

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