Two Women || Zwei Frauen


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Two Women

The last few months taught us that almost everything works better if you’re doing it together. By taking different perspectives, we can easily solve problems and draw conclusions about our own position. For that reason – and in the middle of a time of uncertainty – Sovely’s addressed a post called „Help In Process“, which Helen promptly responded to. Our brief e-mail contact turned into a small joint project:

12 questions, 2 women with different experiences, backgrounds and opinions.

Sovely is a single lion-mommy, working as a cultural advisor in public service. She is in her mid-forties and lives in a suburb of Hamburg.

Helen is 26 years old, an aspiring human rights PhD student, a stubborn Taurus. She has been in a relationship for almost 5 years and has lived in 4 different places this year alone.

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