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On Point

2) Name 3 words to describe yourself and which mean a lot to you?

Sovely: “Love. Passion. Dedication.”
Helen: “Freedom. Change. Curiosity.”

Sovely: “This is my insatiable source of energy, my engine and my very personal handwriting and trace. Drawn by my life, it reveals itself everywhere around me. These three words stood out for me in my thirties and have grown in brilliance since then. Having devotion, love and passion in your life means “enjoying the moment”. It is the richest gift that life has to offer.

‚Only who enjoys is living.‘ is my principle of life.

Sovely Matters

Helen of www.helenschreibt.wordpress.com: “Freedom. When, at the age of eight, I was asked which value is important to me, I chose freedom. Not much has changed in this regard. Freedom is one of…

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