Time Machine || Zeitmaschine


|| English & deutschsprachige Version

|| joint project 5/13
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Time Machine

4) What would you like to say to your teenage-self?

Sovely: “Sovely, my dear. You are doing it exactly the right way by doing it your way! Have faith in your path; trust yourself and your abilities. Accept your shyness and insecurities with a smile.“

„Stay shimmering, colorful and shine in all colors and facets.“

Sovely Matters

„Accept good and bad feelings, neglect judging. Don’t be afraid, because living and loving also means immeasurable suffering! Hug and enjoy every day of your life. Live healthy. Be cautious and appropriately critical, less in good faith. Use your heart, your intuition and your mind. Be frugal, less strict with yourself and those around you. Letting go, acceptance, further development and patience are challenges that will accompany you throughout your whole life. Always be open and spontaneous…

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