Something Big || Etwas Großes


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Something Big

Another week end has passed. Days to chill and spending time with the family. While outside sun, storm and rain are taking turns, we mostly stayed inside.

These days, Minime and I are doing a lot of arts and crafts. We are creating little gifts for our beloved ones. We‘re also into building LEGO worlds and create different worlds for various „Schleich figures“. It’s cozy family time and we are enjoying ourselves.

Repeatedly I heard my son has a lot of fantasy and is very creative. Therefore, I was asking myself where it’s coming from? Is it something that is with us from day one or can we train it? Are we influenced by our surrounding? What is it good for?

It’s an aspiring gift, being creative. It’s the ability to create a whole new world with our fantasy. All achievements on this…

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