My Responsiblity Today || Meine Heutige Verantwortung


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My Reponsibilty Today

For the past weeks I repeatedly heard people saying that hopefully this year is coming to an end soon. It was a special year and almost anyone had to deal with new challenges. A lot of people struggled difficult times, some complained more, some less. I don’t understand people who complain and feel sorry for themselves all the time. Wake up. This year, all people, stores, companies and services had to adjust to new circumstances, trying to survive, keeping up hope and awaiting a positive change to come.

Now it is time for the winners, of these rough circumstances, to take over responsibility!

Time to make an outstanding statement!

By the way, did I mentioned a new Amaz(-ing) depot opened up just around the corner, while sweet little stores with family histories are closing down in my neighbor hood?! We may not…

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