Burn Out


Burn Out

|| English & deutschsprachige Version

Hesitation to dedicate this area to “Burn Out”. To me, it sounds too negative. I’m still holding on to it.

After all, it is what it is.

If you are interested, you will find out that this area is anything but dark black. It’s nothing that needs to be hidden, no secrets. It’s a lot of gray ashes, things I’ve been through and things that will sound familiar to those, who have been in a similar period before. It’s also flooded with light of hope, that is always searching for it’s way to sneak in.

As soon as light spreads out again, the world no longer looks like all these shades of gray. It’s a sparkling, colorful and indeed wonderful world that we live in. Prepare for this journey because it is one way of realizing that blue is not just blue. Seen…

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