Unadorned || Ungeschminkt


|| English & deutschsprachige Version


I’m a very diplomatic person. My parents taught me to be considerate of others. I’m genuine, giving and try to help others. I understood, I’m not the only person on this planet, it’s about give and take. I enjoy harmony surrounding me. Because of these traits, it is a hard lesson for me not to let other people take advantage of me. Making sure I am not exploited is not easy. It’s a constant study and a very fine line.

Even though it might be my desire to act differently, I have to know when it is time for me to say “stop” or “no”. It is my duty to watch out for myself. In those situations, I need to forget about altruism. I need to ignore kindness. It’s about facing how it is and spitting it out. A glossing over is no good…

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