Puppy Love || Junge Liebe


|| English & deutschsprachige Version

Puppy Love

Do you remember your first crush? Your first love? Your first kiss?

Puppy love seems to be simple and uncomplicated. We tend to forget while years and years are passing by. Later, it might feel like we narrow those memories as if they were foolish children’s experiences.

My heart is melting these days, as I watch Minime having a crush on a girl from Kindergarten. His first kiss at the age of 2 made me speechless. 4 years later, he still is in love with that girl, he says. He dresses up and asks for a video chat. He then tells her that he dressed up especially for her.
After a short conversation with the girl of his dreams, he runs around the house being totally excited. „She is my big love. I will marry her.“ Interesting they already got that sorted out…

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