UK dolphins, porpoises and whales need your help today — wdc

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Today we’re launching a major new campaign and we need your help! 

If you had the power to save the lives of thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales, you’d do it wouldn’t you? If the answer is ‘yes’, please join our campaign to help them.

Dolphins, porpoises and whales are suffering and dying right now in UK seas to put fish and shellfish on our plates.ACT NOW

Watch and share our campaign video, voiced by Oscar winning actor, Mark Rylance.

Known as ‚bycatch‘, more than 1,000 dolphins, porpoises and whales die in fishing gear in UK seas every year. But we know the solutions – we CAN change this. We need you to help us persuade the UK and devolved governments to act.

Dolphins, porpoises and whales breathe air like you. Getting trapped in a net or rope below the surface is terrifying. They thrash in panic as they try to reach the surface to take a breath. They suffer terribly before eventually running out of air and suffocating.

If this level of suffering was happening on land, it wouldn’t be tolerated, but under the water and out of sight it has been allowed to continue without nearly enough effort to tackle it. Nobody wants to catch a dolphin, porpoise or whale in their fishing gear, and solutions exist. We need your help to get government action that will support fishers and save lives.

Please take part in our simple action to tell the UK and devolved governments that you expect them to step up to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear. Then please share our campaign as widely as you can.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to know that we can count on you. Together we achieve amazing things!


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