26 / 40 Encounter Education to 91 of 144 ELTERN, KIND UND KINDERSTUBE „Wohin führt der Weg?“

bumi bahagia / Glückliche Erde

Sein oder Meinen

Eckehardnyk, February 19th, New Era 9

In the way of my best known to me English


Two ways of growing characterize the development of a child. They are also characterizing the both types of children, which are showing their peculiarity for example during a sudden pain like an injection given at the doctor‘s. The small prick into the thigh provokes even for cooperative ones – not those who are crying before the procedure has started – two conflicting behaviours, relatively to their age:

1. after a short second reaction time screaming with all one‘s might, but without disrupting the process.

2. after the reacting time a sigh with astonishment and a silent accompanishment of the process.

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