We need to act urgently to say Goodbye Bycatch. Will you help ? — WDC

Did you know that dolphins, porpoises, and whales are suffering and dying right now in UK seas to put fish and shellfish on our plates? 

Nobody wants to catch a dolphin in their net. But every year more than 1,000 individuals die horribly, trapped in fishing gear in UK waters. Known as bycatch. this unintentional entanglement kills more dolphins, porpoises, and whales than any other threat, including hunting. 

Will you give £10, or whatever you can afford , to save dolphin, porpoise and whale lives?


Dolphins, porpoises, and whales breathe air like you. Getting trapped in a net or rope below the surface is terrifying. A dolphin caught in a net will thrash in panic as they try to reach the surface to take a breath. They can sustain terrible injuries before eventually running out of air and suffocating.

If this level of suffering happened on land, it would not be tolerated, but under the water it is out of sight.

Donate today.

This mother was found dead on Castle Beach in Falmouth with her baby daughter. They both bore the tell-tale wounds from entanglement in fishing net. What a terrible and tragic waste of life. 

Bycatch has been an issue for so long that you might think it is too difficult to solve. But it isn’t. We know the solutions. Will you help us with a donation?


With your help  our team can continue to:

  • Work with fishers to understand and prevent entanglements.
  • Push for better monitoring on fishing vessels.
  • Convince UK and devolved governments to adopt strong measure to stop these tragic deaths.
  • Understand how new technologies can prevent entanglements.
  • Work with UK and international supermarkets to cut bycatch out of their supply chain.

We understand that not everyone can give at this time and we thank you sincerely for your support. But if you can help with a donation, however small, or large, it would mean the world to us, and to dolphins, porpoises and whales.

On behalf of everyone at WDC, thank you.

Sarah Dolman, Goodbye Bycatch campaign lead.

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