A March 26th, 2021 Message from Grandma Chandra

Hello Soul Family!
You are acting like a fountain of energy, sound, vibration, and color. This combination surrounds you with a Whole Life Essence wherever you are. Spread this Essence from within to everything around you. You are not only creating a New Reality like a fabric or structure, but you are also fertilizing it and filling it in with the New Energy from this Whole Life Essence. 
This is so exciting! You have prepared the structure, grid, and the fabric of this Whole Life Essence for so long. Now you are filling it in with Light, colors, sounds and joy. It is spiraling outward from within you, so everyone around you can see, use and benefit from it. Share this Whole Life Essence!

&… if this resonates with you please invite your friends and family.

We are all working together for the Ascension of Gaia, in the Light, for the Light and by the Light. Visit Our Website Hugs and Love to all of you, Gma

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