31 / 40 Encounter Education to 96 of 144 Eltern, Kind und Kinderstube – Life Philosophy II

„Du springst nie zweimal in denselben Fluss.“ und ich geniesse mein JETZT … luise

bumi bahagia / Glückliche Erde

Eckehardnyk, 4. April Ostersonntag NZ 9


For what do we need the earth? What makes her value? A short answer may be given in the sense of which sum of what all men together would attach to their own life, to their existence on earth. A general survey concerning the “price differences“ of the complete earth value like a ransom in tons of gold would be interesting throughout decades or centuries. On the other side, in a spiritual way, an unseen and unheard institution may compare the overall value of men given by themselves, would it be justified in comparison with an ethical flair for freedom? We could see that since the Stone Age the encreasing percentage wouldn’t proceed straightly among the tribes and along with the eras.

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