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A minke breaches

We need your help to stop experiments on whales! 

Norwegian authorities have approved plans to catch minke whales, hold them in pens and conduct experiments on them. It’s hard to believe isn’t it!

The cruel, dangerous and completely unnecessary project is planned to take place from 15th May to 22nd June and then run again in 2022.  A mile-wide net will be used to herd migrating juvenile minke whales into an enclosure. From there, they will be moved, one at a time and locked inside a modified salmon-farming cage clamped between two rafts. Once the whales are trapped, the researchers will try to measure their brain waves to determine how they might react to naval sonar and noise from oil and gas exploration.  As many as 12 whales could be held captive for as long as four days before being released.

We have to try to stop this. Please email the Norwegian authorities now using our template text.


As always, thank you for your support – I hope you enjoy reading the stories below to find out what we are achieving together. We are only here to fight for whales and dolphins because of you – our brilliant supporters.

With best wishes from all of us at WDC,

Julia Pix

Please consider making a donation to help us stop whale exploitation in Norway


Dolphin in net

Goodbye Bycatch

For the last few weeks we’ve been asking you to help us make UK seas safer for dolphins, porpoises and whales. This phase of our campaign has finished, so what have we achieved together and what’s next?


Ren Yabuki

Japan’s dolphin hunts

We talked to Ren Yabuki, a Japanese activist working to end the horrific dolphin hunts in Taiji. We’ll only stop the slaughter by raising awareness and changing hearts and minds within Japan, and so people like Ren are crucial.



It’s Earth Day – take action

Almost half of UK wildlife is in long term decline and 15% of species are at risk of extinction. So we’ve joined with over 50 nature conservation groups to urge the prime minister to act. You can help by signing our joint petition.


Whale space race

We’re challenging businesses, entrepreneurs and universities to use space technology to tell us how many whales there are and where they live and migrate. This will help us protect them and unlock solutions to the climate crisis.


Indigo breaching

Help to protect dolphins 

Do you know about our adopt a dolphin programme? By adopting one of the beautiful bottlenose dolphins who live off the coast of Scotland, you’ll help protect them from human dangers including commercial fishing and pollution.


Jet skiers harassing dolphin

Minister backs our calls

As UK restrictions ease and we flock to the coast, we need to remember to give dolphins, porpoises and whales space if we encounter them. Our Rude to Intrude awareness drive has been backed by the environment minister.


You can enjoy the beautiful whales and dolphins in this video even if you’re not lucky enough to encounter them when you are on the water …

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