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Hello Soul Family!
Each of us has to make up our own minds about taking the vaccines. Mom and I will not take any of these vaccines since we take no prescription, or over the counter drugs. We have never had surgeries either. We eat very well following the Sufi Master diet of Afghanistan, like the Mediterranean diet, no we are not vegetarians. We take supplements and haven’t been sick with colds, fevers, allergies etc in many years. We also use my tools.
Local Homeopathic or Naturopathic doctors offer an oral covid vaccine. In the US, these docs have to be medical docs first therefore, they provide a certificate to show you were vaccinated. As with other homeopathic meds, there are no side effects, and it will not interfere with any regular meds you are taking.
I am not recommending nor am I encouraging anyone to get this vaccine. I am simply sharing information about a more natural alternative to pharmaceutical covid vaccines.
To find your LOCAL Homeopaths and Naturopaths please Google them with your city, state, and zip code.

 &… if this resonates with you please invite your friends and family.

We are all working together for the Ascension of Gaia, in the Light, for the Light and by the Light. Visit Our Website Hugs and Love to all of you, Gma

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