Act now to stop cruel whale experiments – we don’t have much time — wdc

We need your help urgently to persuade the Norwegian government to stop plans to experiment on live minke whales.

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Please sign the petition now. Tell Norway’s government to stop cruel whale experiments.

The planned whale testing is beyond cruel

Funded by the US and Norwegian navies, as well as the oil and gas industry, the Norwegian government has approved plans to capture young minke whales to test their reaction to noise from naval sonar and seismic testing for oil and gas. The whales will be caught and forced, one by one, into a modified salmon-farming pen. There each whale will be clamped between two rafts and electrodes placed under his or her skin.

The whale will be bombarded by noise at various frequencies while their brain signals are measured. They could be held like this for up to six hours.

Bad weather has delayed the tests but they could start any day. We urgently need your help to stop them.


These experiments could literally scare the whales to death.

The people carrying out these experiments claim they want to know how much noise the whales can withstand and at which frequencies. 

We’ve sent a letter to Norway’s prime minister signed by more than 50 leading scientists and vets. These experts say the stress could kill the whales. Even if it doesn’t, the ordeal will be dangerous and terrifying for these intelligent and highly sensitive individuals.

We’re co-hosting a petition on to tell the Norwegian government that the world is horrified by their actions and we demand that they stop these cruel experiments.

Please sign and share the petition now and, with your help, we’ll fight as hard as we can to save these whales.

Thank you.

Julia Pix, WDC


Please also consider a donation to help our fight to stop these cruel experiments


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