A June 4th, 2021 Message from Grandma Chandra

Hello Soul Family!
During the early part of June you will be called on to recognize your accomplishments. You will see the results of your being and doing. You will start noticing more and more the presence of New Energies in your life. You will be absorbing and impregnating them into your presence, your 3D being and consciousness. By spreading these New Energies around you, others will start feeling, knowing, and sensing them as well. 
It is like a pyramid as the foundation with a circle around it. These New Energies will be spreading like circular waves from each of you surrounding you and all to whom you are connected to see the accomplishment of this New Reality as the results of your work and your being.

 &… if this resonates with you please invite your friends and family.

We are all working together for the Ascension of Gaia, in the Light, for the Light and by the Light. Visit Our Website Hugs and Love to all of you, Gma

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