We need to act urgently to save whales and our planet. Will you help ? — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Today is World Oceans Day. A day for celebrating the role of the ocean in our lives and inspiring action to protect it.

Will you help to make a big impact on one of the world’s biggest challenges, by getting behind the world’s biggest creatures? The first 20 supporters who donate £30 or more today will be invited to an exclusive webinar in 2021 to learn more about our work.


As one of our supporters, you will already know that whales play a hugely significant role in maintaining the ocean ecosystems that every creature on Earth depends upon, including you . 

Whales, the giants of the ocean, help ensure a healthy ocean and a healthy planet. By redistributing nutrients around the ocean, which feed oxygen-producing phytoplankton, as well as capturing carbon in their own huge bodies, whales are instrumental in keeping our shared ocean and planet healthy and fighting the climate crisis.

Tragically, we estimate that over a lifetime, every great whale lost is equivalent to bulldozing over three million square metres of forest.  

Every day is a battle to prevent and stop the threats that whales and dolphins face. Right now, Norwegian whalers are killing minke whales. Over 140 minke whales were slaughtered in just the first few days of the self-declared annual whale hunting season. This senseless killing needs to stop if whale populations are ever to recover.

Human actions have taken many species to the brink of extinction, but nature is resilient and can recover, we just need to rethink our relationship with the natural world and give it a helping hand.  Will you help us on World Oceans Day?YES I WANT TO HELP

One of our greatest and most urgent environmental priorities must be the protection of whale and dolphin populations. We desperately need them to recover and thrive to help the ocean and save our planet.

Every whale and dolphin counts. Every pound you can donate today will make a huge difference.

Thank you.

Chris Butler-Stroud,  CEO – Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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