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minke whale

Speak out for whales and dolphins in Norway and the UK …

Hi there and welcome to your June enews. As well as your usual whale and dolphin stories, this month I need to ask for your help on a couple of things.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition to stop cruel experiments on live minke whales in Norway, please sign and share now. The whales will be caught and forced, one by one, into a salmon-farming pen. There each whale will be clamped between two rafts and electrodes placed under his or her skin.

The whale will be bombarded by noise at various frequencies while their brain signals are measured. They could be held like this for up to six hours.

We got this picture of the site from the air and everything looks in place to begin.

The test site
The test site


We also need you to stand up for UK dolphins, porpoises and whales … 

The UK and devolved governments are considering how to protect them and have opened a public consultation to find out what you think – it closes on Monday 14th June so have your say now. It’s easy to do – just send our simple template email.

Thank you so much. Everyone here at WDC genuinely appreciates your support.

Julia Pix

Bottlenose dolphins off Scotland

Help protect UK dolphins

A government plan for protecting nine species of dolphins, porpoises and whales in UK seas is open for public consultation. We’ve made it easy to take part using our template email. Every voice counts so please have your say.


The Earth

World Ocean Day

Planet Earth needs a healthy ocean. The ocean and our atmosphere are interconnected and on World Ocean Day earlier this week, WDC’s Erich Hoyt reflected on how we all need to play our part to look after our one shared ocean.


The Earth

Play our Summer Raffle

Our summer raffle is now open. You could win one of 10 cash prizes, including the jackpot of ÂŁ1,000! If you live in mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland, play our raffle today. Over 18s only. Full T&Cs are available at

 www.raffleplayer.com.PLAY ONLINE TODAY

The Thames minke whale

Whale in the Thames

In May we followed the story of the little minke whale in the Thames with sadness. She was probably still dependent on her mum when she got lost. We’ll never know for sure how she wound up where she did, but here’s what we do know.


Dolphin in net


You’ve probably come across supertrawlers in the media since the film Seaspiracy made them a hot topic. But did you know that when it comes to dolphin deaths in fishing nets, these giant vessels are only part of the problem?


swim serpentine

Swim Serpentine  

Make a big splash and raise funds for whales at Swim Serpentine on 18th September. WDC’s Team Orca has 10 places available. To register your place, send your name and the distance you’d like to swim to events@whales.org.


Whale on Norwegian whaling boat

Whaler says ‚eat flowers‘

That’s what the skipper of a Norwegian whaling boat reckons we should do if we don’t like whales being killed. In her blog, WDC Stop Whaling campaigner Vanessa Williams-Grey explores why Norway’s pointless whaling passes under the radar.



Skylum make a splash

From 5th to 30th June, award-winning software company, Skylum, is supporting WDC through a range of exciting events, a competition and special offers, all raising funds for our work protecting whales and dolphins across the globe.


Young dolphins

Babies bring hope

Three Indo-Pacific dolphins who were released back into the wild after being illegally captured over a decade ago, have rejoined their pod and had babies. This success story brings hope for the 3,600 dolphins still held captive.


Please consider a donation to help us stop the whale experiments


Sign the petition

If you haven’t yet, please sign and share our petition urging Norway’s prime minister to stop cruel experiments on live young minke whales. If you’ve signed, please share. If you’ve shared, please share again!


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