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After more than a year of lockdowns, we know what it feels like to have our world shrink and our freedom taken away. But whales and dolphins are still captured from the wild, kept in tanks that are far too small for their needs, and made to perform for our entertainment.

Thanks to your support we have already persuaded Virgin Holidays, British Airways, TripAdvisor and others to stop supporting this cruelty.

Now we need your help to persuade TUI to join them, so we’re calling on the world’s largest tour operator to help end lockdown for captive whales and dolphins. 

Please share the petition with everyone you know, on social media or by email. If you’ve already shared, please share again!

Thank you for your continued support  – we’re able to fight and win on behalf of whales and dolphins because of you.

Julia Pix.

Please consider making a donation today to end captivity 


Campaign image of dolphin on plane

Lockdown never ends

Meet some of the whales and dolphins held captive in ‚attractions‘ supported by TUI. Each of them is an individual and every story is a tragedy. Find out more and join the campaign.


Ula at Loro Parque in May

Morgan’s daughter dies

We were heartbroken to hear that little orca Ula (pictured) had died at Loro Parque in Tenerife just weeks before her third birthday. How many more of these tragedies will it take before people accept that captivity is wrong and isn’t working?


Little White and Little Grey

Sanctuary solutions

Little White and Little Grey are the residents of the first sanctuary for captive whales. Covid has caused delays but preparations continue for their release to the bay. With 3,600 whales and dolphins held in tanks, sanctuaries are vital.


Fin whale

Learn and save

Ever wondered how fin whales can swim so fast? With this engineering and physics book bundle by Mercury Learning – you can figure it out! Head on over to Humble Bundle now to grab this bargain – save ÂŁÂŁÂŁ while supporting WDC.


Minke whale

Cruel whale tests ended

We were relieved that the hearing experiments in Norway ended with no whales tested. But we are outraged that it was ever allowed. The researchers plan to try again next year and, with your support, we will oppose them all the way.


Whaling an ugly stain

The Olympics are over and we’re looking forward to the Paralympics next week. But while Japan’s government says it wants to hold the greenest games ever, it is still sanctioning the slaughter of our climate allies – whales. 


Please consider making a donation today to end captivity 


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