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The European Initiative „Save Bees and Farmers“ needs your urgent help!Dear Monsanto Tribunal supporter,

Thanks to you and thousands of people across the globe, we were able to organize the Monsanto Tribunal in 2016. Today, we ask for your help again for a very important cause. 

The Initiative Save Bees and Farmers is an official citizens‘ call to make Europe pesticides-free and to transition to agroecology.

Save Bees and Farmers

We need to reach 1 million signatures from EU citizens before September 30. If we reach this objective, we can bring our demands to the EU Commission and Parliament. So far, we have collected 733,000 signatures: we need 267,000 more.

EU citizen? If you have not done it already, we urgently ask you to sign the call and share it as wide as possible! Click on the link below and fill in the form correctly. Because this is an official EU instrument (and not a simple petition!), your personal information is needed by your country to validate your vote. It will only be used for this purpose and all personal data will be deleted after the end of the initiative.

Sign & Share Now!

Not an EU citizen? You can still support the initiative by sharing the call with your friends, relatives and contacts in Europe, and by making a donation to help the campaign in these last crucial weeks.

Donate to the campaign

Thank you for your help!

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