Carl Gustav Jung (CGJ) The Tavistock Lectures. On projection and transference

Caterpillar To Butterfly

Now, Carl is not easy to read (for me) in English. Russian translations are better, but still quite convoluted sometimes. So, it was a great find … actually a present from my dad … to get to know Jung personally in English in his own words … He did speak very good English as it turned out … Enjoy!

“Not very long ago I had an interesting case of an unusually intelligent man. I explained to him a projection he had “made”; he had projected his unconscious image of woman into a real woman, and the dreams showed very clearly just where the real person was utterly different from what he expected her to be. The fact went home. Then he said, “If I had known that two years ago, it would have saved me 40,000 francs!” I asked, “How is that?” Well, somebody showed me an old Egyptian cat…

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