Bayer-Monsanto is winning – Bees, butterflies and birds are dying, unless… Monsanto Tribunal

Dear Monsanto Tribunal supporter, The EU is planning to give the green light for a 15 year renewal of glyphosate. The plans for pesticide reduction announced by the EU Commission are effectively countered by the pesticide industry. Pesticide sales still increase every year, biodiversity is suffering and bees and pollinators are disappearing at an alarming rate. Only a strong signal from society can change this toxic tide. But a brave attempt to do so could stumble on the threshold of success. Unless… you come in!

The EU Citizens‘ Initiative Save Bees and Farmers demands a phase out of pesticides and a change towards nature-friendly agriculture. If 1 million Europeans sign by September 30th, the EU Commission has to come with proposals. But with 900.000 online and paper signatures, we’re not going to make it. The champagne bottles are already cooled in the Bayer-Monsanto offices.
However, they didn’t count on you! 
What can you do?
 If you are an EU citizen, you have probably signed already. Please make sure at least 5 friends or family members do the same by clicking on one of these links. Together we can win!
English  —
Deutsch —
Español —
Français —
Italiano —
Nederland —
You can also send these signing links in Polish and Romanian.

Finally, you could make a donation to the campaign Save Bees and Farmers to spread the word as far as possible in these last few days. To do so, just click below.
Yes, I donate to Save Bees and Farmers.
In the name of the Monsanto Tribunal, thank you for supporting a pesticide-free EU agriculture!

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