Whales and dolphins like Kiska need your help . WDC

Help us end captivity

We need your help .

You may have seen the heartbreaking scenes emerging from Marineland in Ontario, where Kiska, the loneliest whale in the world, has been filmed violently thrashing her head against the side of her tank. This is too distressing to show. Kiska is a wild-caught Icelandic orca who has spent the last four decades in captivity. She was just three years old when she was taken from her family and condemned to a life in a barren, concrete tank.

Never has there been a greater urgency for whales and dolphins like Kiska to be retired to a coastal, open water sanctuary where they can enjoy their lives in a more natural environment.

Amaya was only six years old when she died at SeaWorld San Diego in August. She is the second orca to die in captivity since we launched our campaign calling on TUI to stop supporting this utterly cruel practice. How many more must suffer?

If you have signed our petition, thank you.  Now we need your help to fund our work to end captivity. Will you help make this generation of captive whales and dolphins the last ?YES, I WANT TO HELP WITH A DONATION

Will you play a part to help end captivity ? A donation from you, however small or large, will help us to:

  • meet with TUI to discuss your concerns and deliver the petition which you have signed.
  • monitor dolphin welfare at one of the facilities in China’s rapidly growing marine park industry.
  • address EU lawmakers and stakeholders as part of our campaign to end whale and dolphin captivity in Europe.
  • organise workshops and share the knowledge and expertise we have gained as a founding partner of the SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary with organisations seeking to build coastal sanctuaries for captive whales and dolphins.

Thank you for your support , it means so much to us to know that whales and dolphins still held captive can count on you.

Donate today and help end captivity

Each whale and dolphin held captive by the facilities which TUI supports has a heartbreaking tale to tell. Here are just a few of their stories:

Lolita’s tank in Miami Seaquarium is so small, it’s illegal by US government regulations, yet it’s been her entire world for 51 years. In the wild, she’d cover 100 miles or more a day playing, socialising, looking for food and resting


Nanuq was just six years old when he was torn away from his home waters in Manitoba, Canada. He never saw his family again. He survived 25 years in captivity, sentenced to a stress-filled, lonely existence in concrete pools. 

Corky was stolen from her Pacific Northwest home on 11th December 1969 and sold into captivity – she’s been confined to a tank ever since. Held at SeaWorld San Diego, Corky is the longest serving orca prisoner in the world. 


Makaiko was captured in the brutal Taiji dolphin hunt and moved to Mexico. He was forced to push tourists with his nose and drag them as they held his fin. But Makaiko got tangled up in nets that had been put down after a storm and no one noticed. He suffocated and died.

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