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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Child and dead dolphin

Please sign our petition – and help us stop the dolphin slaughter

The massacre of at least 1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins on the Faroe Islands on 12th September was beyond horrific. It was senseless, barbaric and has rightly shocked the world and many Faroese people. Help us make sure this never happens again.

We have joined up with Sea Legacy/One Voice to host this petition on their website. As you are already a WDC supporter, you don’t need to tick the box to opt-in to be kept up to date on the campaign by us, we’ll continue to send you your usual email news.


Dolphin hunt

Strength in numbers

Since that terrible day, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes. The Faroese government committed to a review of the nation’s dolphin hunting, but this review has not happened. We’re pushing hard to make the prime minister keep his promise. Please sign our petition to show that the world is watching.

As media coverage dies down, we need to turn global outrage into international pressure to end this killing forever. So we’ve joined forces with Sea Legacy and Avaaz. We will combine our campaigning efforts on the ground and present our petitions together. We will make sure Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen feels the collective weight of our organisations and hears the voices of our supporters loud and clear.

Please add your voice. Almost 280,000 people have signed already – help us get to 300,000. We owe it to those poor, beautiful dolphins to make sure this never happens again.

Thank you.

Julia Pix, Nicola Hodgins, Astrid Fuchs and all the team at WDC


Please consider making a donation to help end the bloodshed


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