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Welcome to your October enews 

This has been a tough month as we’ve responded to the atrocious massacre of at least 1,428 beautiful dolphins in the Faroe Islands, only 200 miles from Scotland.

We’ve been busy lobbying the UK government and Scotland’s first minister to take action and we’ve joined forces with colleagues at other organisations to combine our campaigning efforts on the ground and present our petitions together. We will make sure Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen feels the collective weight of our organisations and hears the voices of our supporters loud and clear. 

Meanwhile as Norway’s whalers kill more minke whales than at any time in the last five years, we reveal that whale meat is being sold as dog food or dumped in the sea.

Dealing with these horrors day after day isn’t easy, but we are motivated and energised by the knowledge that we have you on our side. Our supporters keep us going financially and emotionally and I wanted to thank you on behalf of everyone here at Whale and Dolphin Conservation. We really do rely on and appreciate your support – you’re brilliant!

With our very best wishes

Julia Pix, WDC

Child and dead dolphin

Faroes dolphin hunt

My colleague Astrid Fuchs has worked to try to end the hunts for more than 10 years. In this blog, she reflects on the reasons the hunts continue and why it’s so hard to find a way to stop them.


Atlantic white-sided dolphin hunt

What we’ve done to help

Since the massacre of at least 1,428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins in the Faroe Islands on 12th September, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to try to ensure this never happens again. Find out what were doing and sign the petition.


Jumping dolphins

Jumping for joy!

We’re excited to announce that our winter raffle is now open! If you’d like to win £1,000 or one of nine cash prizes then play by 18 January 2022. Entries cost just £1. Play whilst helping to protect whales and dolphins. T&Cs apply, over 18s only.


Minke whale

Going to the dogs

We recently discovered that six tonnes of whale meat was sent to a company offering dog sled tours. With fewer Norwegians wanting to eat whales, it seems that whale meat is being sold for dog food or dumped in the sea.


Risso's dolphin

Remarkable Risso’s

With your support, we’re protecting the Risso’s dolphins who live around the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. With a mix of field research and campaigning, we’ve learnt a lot more about them and got an area of sea protected for them.


WDC swimmers with medals

Events are back …

After a year of cancellations we were thrilled to support 13 brilliant fundraisers taking on Swim Serpentine for whales and dolphins. If you’re inspired by their story and want to take part in an event, we’ll help you every step of the way!


Save ££ and whales

Launching today, the hit video game RAFT is on sale with this fin-tastic Steam Weekend Deal. Save 33% on your purchase this weekend and 15% of sales will be donated to WDC (to a max of $100K). Sale ends Monday 25th October.


Please consider a donation to help us fight dolphin hunts



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