World War II Was a Psy Op Just Like Covid

World War II Was a Psy Op Just Like Covid
Henry Makow

bond-bormann.jpegThe British Rescued Martin Bormann in 1945

This is a reminder that all wars, including the current scamdemic, are wars against humanity. They are contrived by the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) world central banking cartel to destroy Western civilization and enslave the goyim.

Martin Bormann, who signed Hitler’s paycheckand knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy.

The book „Op JB“ (1996) by John Ainsworth-Davis describes how he and Ian Fleming rescued Bormann from the ruins of Berlin in 1945.

James Bond was modelled on Ainsworth-Davis who was an Illuminati sex slave and mass murderer. He may have serviced the gay Winston Churchill and his spymaster Desmond Morton.

This book is the smoking gun that proves the Second World War was a charade. While most Nazis were sincere, the movement was sponsored and controlled…

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