🐋 Thank you so much for supporting whales and dolphins 🎄 — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
A group of sperm whales

Because they’re awesome

They are intelligent, sentient, emotionally complex individuals with cultures, dialects and societies and they deserve to be protected and for their rights to be legally recognised.MORE ABOUT WHALE CULTURE

A humpback whale

Because we need them

They are essential for a healthy ocean and a healthy ocean is essential for our own survival. They are our allies in fighting the climate crisis: Save the whale, save the ocean, save the world.MORE ABOUT OUR CLIMATE ALLIES

Thank you again for supporting us and protecting whales and dolphins in 2021. I look forward to sharing lots of good news and many successes with you in 2022. We wish you a very happy festive season.

From Julia Pix and everyone at WDC.

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