We have been living in dark dark agesbut it is coming to an end! Praise God & Q Team

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Gene Decode
“The cabal have been living high & mighty
on technology a million years ahead of us.
They went to Mars in 1903 & 1947 with Tesla’s anti-gravitics.
They used it in a TR-3B..
We’re using fossil fuel, solar energy, windmills,
all this ridiculous stuff.
We didn’t have to rape our planet.
Don’t have to have wires, strip-mining, all of this running wires.
In the 1890’s Tesla said it was a travesty 
to rig power lines all over Earth..
The cabal are traveling 100 light years away in 1/2 an hour
& we’re traveling in an aluminum can at 600 mph
with wings full of explosive fuel,
stuff that was archaic 100 years ago.
We’re driving around using an internal combustion 
that we had in the 1800’s..
I’m wanting to see all of this come down
& bring healing & abundance to the people.”

Romana Didulo graphics re Advanced Tech in Ancient civilizations


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