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UK dolphins, porpoises and whales need your help 

More than 1,000 dolphins, porpoises and whales die in fishing gear in UK seas every year. That’s a shocking number, but what’s even more shocking is that our governments know what they need to do to save them.

Tell ministers this isn’t good enough and that you expect urgent action.


It’s easy to have your say – just follow the link to our action page where you can send our ready-made email and/or a prepared tweet.

Getting tangled in fishing gear is a horrible way to die. We know how to prevent this suffering, yet around 1,000 porpoises, hundreds of dolphins and at least 32 minke whales and six humpback whales die this way in UK waters every year. Government action could stop these awful deaths.

A public consultation on this issue is open until 12th April, so NOW is our chance to tell government ministers they MUST do better.

It’ll take less than five minutes of your time but could save the lives of whales and dolphins around the UK.

Thank you for your support – it means a lot.

Julia Pix, WDC


She deserved better

This young dolphin died in a fishing net off the coast of Cornwall last year. Our governments have known for 30 years that dolphins are dying in nets in huge numbers in UK seas. But they have failed to act to save them. 


Welsh turbine trouble

A proposal for underwater tidal turbines in an area where porpoises and Risso’s dolphins come to feed and raise their newborns is threatening the West Wales Marine Special Area of Conservation and the wildlife it protects.


Get drastic on plastic

You’ve seen pictures of plastic litter on beaches or marine wildlife swimming through floating rubbish and you’ve probably wondered if and how we could ever clean up this mess.


Show’s over for Lolita

The orca known as Lolita or Tokitae will no longer perform at Miami Seaquarium. Held captive for over 50 years, and alone for 42 of them, her life has been far from the one she should have enjoyed in the ocean.


Fin whales in danger

The man behind Iceland’s fin whaling company has hit back at announcements that Icelandic whale hunting could be ending for good. He’s told media that he hopes to slaughter fin whales this summer.


Wine, whales and planet

Waipapa Bay are the latest to join our Climate Giant Project. Find out more about our partnership and how to get your hands on their delicious wine.


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