ACT NOW to save UK dolphins — WDC

Please act now to keep porpoises like him out of our fishing nets


We need your help today! This poor porpoise wound up on a post-mortem lab table when he was only one or two years old. He should have had his life ahead of him but instead he died a painful and frightening death in a fishing net off the Cornish coast. 

A few moments of your time could help save other dolphins, porpoises and whales.

It’s really easy to help. Just click/tap the button above and send our pre-prepared email or tweet to the ministers who have the power to end this suffering.It’s all set up for you so it’ll take no time at all but really could make a difference.

If you have already taken action – thank you!

Now please share our campaign and ask friends and family to take part too. 

Huge numbers of dolphins, porpoises and whales are suffering and dying in fishing nets around the UK. Ministers know how to stop this and so we need to show that people expect them to act.

Thank you, we’re so grateful for your support.

Julia Pix, WDC.


We’re proud to have the support of Watford FC goalkeeper Ben Foster:

It’s my job to keep things out of nets – to make important saves. So I got involved with the #NotInOurNets campaign to use my role in football as a platform for change, to help save whales and dolphins and keep them out of nets.

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