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Italians go for the biometric digital ID

9 June 2022 | In Italy, half the population already has the new biometric digital IDs, which allow people to conduct their affairs with the notoriously inefficient administration online. But the new digital identities are supposed to be used for a lot more. Italians may soon be some of the …


9.6. Deutsche Bank will laut FAZ, mittelfristig in den Filialen kein Bargeld mehr anbieten zu wollen, sondern nur noch am Automaten. Man darf gespannt sein, wie sie ihre Schuld begleichen will, wenn Kunden ihr Konto auflösen oder große Beträge abholen wollen. 2.6. Laut Beschlussentwurf wollen Bund und Länder für den Herbst …

No phone calls without biometric ID? World Bank guinea pig Nigeria shows what could soon come to you

8 June 2022 | Nigeria’s government has recently started requiring all SIM cards to be linked to the National Identification Number (citizen number). 73 million SIM cards were blocked in April. This is how the global surveillance programme ID2020 is enforced. Thanks to support from the IMF, Nigeria is also …

Here we go: The first government merges digital payment data and grocery store receipts

7 June 2022 | Warnings that government social engineers could soon determine what kinds of food we be allowed to buy have seemed far-fetched, until now. Currently, the first European government is working on getting the necessary data. It is collecting all payment data and cash register receipts and merging …

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