The Rockefeller drug cartel…! A highly profitable and deeply inhumane disease annually System „earned“ quadrillion profits to the bone mountains of mankind! English Version…see the truth!

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The school „medicine“ is globally one of the largest and most comfortable profit source (war, weapons, drugs and human trafficking are indeed perhaps even larger but more expensive). The profit potential is unimaginable and is annually worldwide in the trillion-range (one trillion is 1,000 billion! 1 billion is 1,000 millions!). The school „medicine“ and the pharmaceutical lobby lead for a century the world an inhuman war for and against each patient. The aim of this war is to make every man a chronically ill people who never want to recover as long as possible „authorized“ with the drugs patented apparatus and monopolized methods of the pharmaceutical industry can be „treated“ profit bringing.

Another goal is to destroy the naturopathy or „prohibit“ and prevent so that people without profit for the pharmaceutical industry healthy:
Only a chronically ill patient is a good patient – a profitable patient namely that is only…

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