A January 13th, 2023 Message from Grandma Chandra

Hello Soul Family!Friday, January 13, 2023 is bringing the number 13 back into balance within numerology. Thirteen is a sacred number that is in 2 numeric positions. This is the next level of simplicity in sacred numbers. It is raising you up from the first-row numbers 1 through 12 into the 2nd row of sacred numbers. The energetics of 1 and 3 together are unique because they combine the energetics of one which is unity and oneness and three which is sacredness and trinity. This creates the calibration or balance of unity within the trinity.Think of it like top level management combined with second level management. The second level is closer to humanity. So, the energy goes from the Universe or almighty God down to the father, son and spirit, to all elemental forces that are working with humanity. The number 13 is a connection tool that is connecting your angels and guides to unity with God. The unity with God is then going through these angels and guides to humanity and to Gaia.

&… if this resonates with you please invite your friends and family.

We are all working together for the Ascension of Gaia,
in the Light, for the Light and by the Light.
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Hugs and Love to all of you,

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