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Give today for your gift to be doubled


You have the chance to have your donation doubled through our Big Give Green Match Fund campaign, thanks to Michael O’Mara Books donating an amazing £10,000. That’s twice the amount of support for whales and dolphins at no extra cost to you.

All you have to do is give a donation through our Big Give campaign page before midday on Thursday 27 April.

Donate today

Save the whale. Save the world.

We know that a healthy planet needs a healthy ocean and that means more whales. Whales fight climate change in a big way by helping the ocean absorb carbon. But humans have slaughtered up to 99% of some whale populations – the equivalent of destroying the Amazon rainforest – and only 1% of global climate finance goes to projects that will help the ocean recover. But there is hope.

Whales and dolphins are our giant allies in fighting the climate and biodiversity crises. We urgently need to protect them. Can you help save the whale to save the world with a donation today?

Have your donation doubled

Whale eye in WDC fluke design

We understand that not everyone can give at this time, but if you can give a donation today, your donation could be doubled. Together, we can save the whale to save the world.

Thank you so much ,

Ed Goodall

Ed Goodall
Climate Giants manager


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