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Your November whale and dolphin news

  Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Julia Thoms

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News from the world of whales and dolphins

Hi there I’m excited to bring you your November newsletter as there’s so much to tell you! I’ve got news about our progress creating the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary and our investigation exposing the illegal sale of whale meat online. I want to introduce you to Sarah, one of WDC’s many inspiring conservationists and also celebrate a huge victory with you.

You may be aware that we are working with Merlin Entertainments to develop the world’s first sanctuary for captive beluga whales and secure a better future for the three belugas living at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai. We are getting closer to being able to announce its location and, all being well, we hope to move the whales to the sanctuary in spring 2019.

I can’t wait to watch Jun Jun, Little White and Little Grey, the three belugas, discover their new home in the sea, with no more concrete walls. I have no doubt there will be tears, many of them mine! I think it’s probably the most difficult and exciting (and definitely the most expensive) project I have ever been involved with and I’m sure you’ll feel the same when I bring you regular updates on the three belugas‘ journey to a better life.

I hope you enjoy this month’s round up. Remember, none of this would be possible without our brilliant supporters, so as always, THANK YOU!

With very best wishes,

Julia Thoms, WDC campaigns manager

WDC's Rob Lott at ABTA

We expose Illegal meat 

A WDC undercover sting revealed whale meat illegally on sale to international buyers in pounds, euros and dollars on a Japanese website. We are now working with UK police, customs and officials from CITES, the body that regulates trade in endangered species.

Kesslet's new baby

Move over Lara Croft!

We’ve partnered with the developers of a video game featuring a strong, female conservation hero. But what’s it really like to work in marine conservation? Find out from Sarah Dolman who leads our work to prevent dolphin deaths in fishing gear.

Bottlenose dolphin

Thanks for taking action

Almost 270,000 people signed our petition calling on the EU to refuse a trade deal with Japan while Japan kills whales. WDC’s Astrid (right) and Care2’s Joanne represented you at a positive meeting with Bernd Lange from the European Parliament.

 A MASSIVE success…

You could probably hear our cheers from the South Pole when we heard that after years of hard work, the world’s largest marine protected area will be created in the Antarctic’s Ross Sea. A massive 1.55sq km will be given protection.

Adopt an orca

Have you seen our TV ad?

On Monday we launched a new TV ad in the UK encouraging viewers to adopt an orca.  It focuses on orca families and the threats they face. Remember, adopting a whale or dolphin makes a perfect gift this Christmas – see our exclusive offer below.

Exclusive offer for you

A whale or dolphin adoption makes a perfect gift this Christmas. Thanks to the Whale Bag company, the first 50 supporters to call us on 01249 449500 will receive a free Whale Bag with their adoption. Call between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and quote ‚Christmas 16‘.

Christmas is getting closer and the number of shopping days is disappearing fast. Don’t panic!  Our online shop has lots of great gift ideas for your family and friends.

Play our Christmas Raffle

Play our Christmas raffle and help protect endangered orcas. You could win £100, £500 or even £1,000! Play online today for just £1. You must be over 16  and live in mainland UK.

A April 8, 2016 Message from Grandma Chandra


  Connect with Your Higher Self  

Hello Soul Family!

What do you do when you really want to have a connection with your Higher Self but at the same time you feel stuck? 

Work with my Platinum Heart meditation once daily for 11 consecutive days.  This will connect you to your Higher Self as well as your own Masters, Angels, Teachers and Guides who are waiting for you to request their help. 
Click here to download your copy of the Platinum Heart meditation.
Platinum Heart
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 G’ma and Cat 


A April 1, 2016 Message from Grandma Chandra



Hello Soul Family!

In one of my past lives, I was a pirate. I buried a treasure chest of gold under the biggest palm tree I could find at the time. 
This tree happens to be in the yard of my NEW HOME! Now you know the real reason why I chose this house.
Gma Pirate
Gma’s Treasure

I am so excited to go and claim my treasure!!!!

I love you All,

Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
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We need your help for two urgent campaigns


Dear Supporter

This month we need your support for two very important campaigns. Please help us protect endangered orcas AND put an end to Japan’s whaling.

This is urgent – a group of orcas needs our help now.

The ‘Southern Residents’ are a highly endangered group of 85 orcas living off the north west coast of the USA and the south west coast of Canada. Will you help to ensure their survival?

The population was devastated when an estimated 47 orcas were captured by the aquarium industry in the 1960s and 70s. The Southern Residents were declared ‘endangered’ in 2005 and 2,560 square miles of ocean was given federal protection. This meant the orcas should be safe from newer dangers like naval activities, prey depletion, increasing boat noise, and coastal development.

Sadly, in spite of a decade of protection, the population has still not recovered. We are calling on US authorities to grant greater protection NOW, before it’s too late.

Your voice counts. Please support our campaign by signing the petition. And if you want to raise funds to help us continue our campaigns, scroll down to join Team Orca.



Southern Resident orcas. Image: CWR/Rob Lott
Slaughtered minke whales

Japan’s whalers slaughter more than 200 pregnant females

Last week we were all horrified and deeply saddened by the news that the Japanese whaling fleet had returned home having killed 333 minke whales: 103 males and 230 females, 90% of whom were pregnant.

Remember that it’s not too late to join the campaign – if you haven’t done so already, please sign and share our petition.

Slaughtered whales

Progress on Japan’s whaling

A formal question has been put to the European Commission and European Council, asking if there will be any further condemnation of Japan by the EU over the Japanese government’s decision to resume research whale hunts in Antarctica over the next 12 years.

This is great progress for our campaign as it means that the issue is being discussed within the EU. An answer will have to be given at the next meeting in April and I’ll let you know what this response is in your next update.

Thank you so much to everyone who has signed our petition and supported this campaign.

Join Team Orca

Join Team Orca

WDC fundraisers do the most fantastic things to support our campaigns. If you are up for a challenge why not join Emily, who jumped out of a plane; John, who is cutting off all his hair or Gemma, who ran a half marathon? Have a look at our brand new fundraising pack and join Team Orca!

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Schließen Sie das Delfinarium Nürnberg. Kein Delfin gehört in Gefangenschaft.

Delfine gehören in Freiheit und nicht in Gefangenschaft.

Durch die „Delfin Industrie“ wird die unsägliche Leidensgeschichte der Delfine vor der Bucht von Taiji gefördert.

Taiji – die Hölle auf Erden

Dort werden jedes Jahr in einem Zeitraum von 6 Monaten, Tausende Delfine abgeschlachtet und der Fleischindustrie, obwohl das Fleisch hoch toxisch ist, zugeführt.

Die „Schönsten Exemplare“ werden gefangen und an Delfinarien verkauft.

Die meisten dieser intelligenten Säuger überstehen diesen Transport nicht.

Auch eine Zucht in Delfinarien ist nicht erstrebenswert. Delfine leben in Gruppen und Familienverbänden. Sind sozial anderen Delfinen gegenüber.

In Gefangenschaft verkümmern ihre Sinne. Delfine schwimmen mehrere hundert Kilometer am Tag. In einem Becken von 100 qm bleibt von ihren Fähigkeiten nicht viel übrig.

Kein Delfin macht Kunststücke freiwillig. Dies wird ihnen antrainiert. Für ein erfolgreiches „Kunststück“ bekommen sie als Belohnung toten Fisch, der mit Medikamenten und Wasser (Delfine nehmen Flüssigkeit über die Nahrung auf) vollgepumpt ist.

Alle Bezeugungen von Herrn Dr. Dag Encke wie gut es den Delfinen in Nürnberg geht, entbehren jeder Logik.

Selbst Lori Marino, eine US-amerikanische Neurowissenschaftlerin und Expertin für Meeressäugetiere, hat Zweifel am Sinn der Delfinzucht in Zoos.

Deshalb die dringende Bitte, schließen Sie das Delfinarium umgehend.

Die Millionen die für den Neu- bzw. Umbau investiert wurden, werden spätestens dann zu hinterfragen sein, wenn erneut ein Delfin in Gefangenschaft stirbt.

Gehen Sie den ersten Schritt in eine Bessere Zukunft.

Seien Sie Vorreiter und gehen sie als Retter für Delfine in die Geschichte ein.

Petitionsbrief an:
Oberbürgermeister Stadt Nürnberg Dr. Ulrich Maly
Tiergarten Nürnberg Dr. Dag Encke

Hear Gr. Chandra Radio Interview this Saturday

Gma in Multi Dolphin Form


Hello Soul Family!

I am very excited to share my interview on World of Empowerment Radio Show with my Beautiful Soul Friends, Angeal Rose and Ahonu. They were kind enough to interview me and will be airing the show this Saturday, February 27th at 10:00AM Pacific Time.

I love you all,
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 G’ma and Cat         


Grandma Chandra Would Like Your Feedback

Gma Whale

Hello Soul Family!


I want to be of service to you and give you the opportunity to get your questions answered.


Do you have a question you would like me to answer in an upcoming weekly message or a topic you would like me to discuss in a teleseminar?


Click the link below and fill out the brief questionnaire and I will answer your questions and suggestions.

Click here to complete the survey.


love you all,



Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.



Hugs and Love to all of you,


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