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CALL: 150 Dogs Farmed for Their BLOOD


‘Okja’ Come to Life: Photos Surface of Genetically Engineered Mutant Muscle Pigs

Mutant pigs bred to grow to an enormous size just to be slaughtered and eaten? No, I’m not talking about the plot of the hit Netflix movie Okja.

This is real life, and it’s happening right now on a Cambodian farm. Farmers are breeding genetically altered pigs to develop abnormally large muscles and then selling them and their sperm.

It all started back in 2015, when scientists used genetic engineering to create 32 double-muscled piglets. Most of the pigs died, and according to reports, only one was considered even marginally healthy. At that time, it was illegal everywhere to sell genetically modified animals for food, but from the looks of this farm, that’s apparently no longer the case.

The internet is freaking out over the disturbing video footage captured on the farm, which has sparked discussions about the many ways that animals suffer when they’re treated as nothing more than “food.”

One person commented, “what are you trying to show here? How much meat you can produce, or how badly these animals are treated? Whoever is looking after these should be locked up for EVER!”

But if the footage of these muscle pigs bothers you, it might shock you to learn that the way humans raise animals on typical factory farms isn’t really any better. The animals who were killed for your meat may not have been genetically engineered, but they were most definitely bred to grow too large too fast, and they suffered extreme abuse on factory farms so that the meat industry could make as much money from them as possible.

How You Can Help Pigs

The best way to help animals suffering in the food industry is to stop eating them. No animal, regardless of breeding, wants to die for someone’s dinner. If you want to stop contributing to a creepy industry that treats sensitive animals as food, try going vegan! With all the great vegan products and recipes out there, ditching dairy “products” and meat is easier than ever.

Check out our Guide to Going Vegan to get started today!

TAKE ACTION: This school’s laboratory hurts golden retrievers 😢

For the last 35 years, Texas A&M University’s (TAMU) Joe Kornegay has purposely bred dogs to have a severe, painful form of canine muscular dystrophy (MD)—a disease that makes it hard for them to walk, swallow, and even breathe.

And even though these experiments are extremely cruel and haven’t led to so much as a treatment to reverse symptoms of MD—let alone a cure—the University of Florida (UF) seems to think it’s a good idea to work with TAMU’s deadly dog laboratory.

Two things: Why? And STOP.

Tell UF to cut ties with TAMU’s disgusting MD dog laboratory!

U of Florida Supports Tormenting Puppies

When you picture a college, you probably think about education and success, but there’s nothing educational about Texas A&M University’s (TAMU) experiments on 3-month-old golden retriever puppies.

The university has denied that the dogs suffer, but that’s fine—we have it on video:

Not only is there STILL no cure for MD after 35 years of this sickening abuse, they also haven’t even been able to produce a treatment to reverse the symptoms. All these experiments do is hurt dogs, waste millions of research dollars, and give desperate human patients false hope.

And get this: Federal records show that the University of Florida (UF) has contracted with TAMU’s sadistic MD laboratory.

We’re calling on UF to say FU to TAMU and cut ties with the cruel and wasteful hellhole.

Tell UF to stop contracting with TAMU’s MD dog laboratory!

Butterball WOULD Want a Beheaded Animal Emoji 🙄

ICYMI: Turkeys killed for Thanksgiving are sometimes beaten, stomped on, and sexually abused before being violently slaughtered.

Workers at Butterball—a massive turkey producer—have been observed slamming turkeys into metal handrails and jumping on their heads and bodies, and one even inserted his finger into a turkey’s vagina. 💔

Now, Butterball is petitioning Unicode—the nonprofit that designs emojis—to create one of a dead turkey to represent Thanksgiving.

PETA went inside a Butterball slaughterhouse in Ozark, Arkansas, and exposed a worker stomping on a bird’s head until her skull exploded, one swinging a turkey against a metal handrail so hard that her backbone popped out, and another one inserting his finger into a turkey’s vagina.

One worker told an investigator, „If you jump on their stomachs right, they’ll pop … or their insides will come out of their [rectums].“ 💔

Warning: This video is extremely graphic.

The holiday is for expressing gratitude and spending time with loved ones. Tying it to an emoji that symbolizes violence, cruelty, and oppression is completely twisted.

Live turkey emojis FTW! 🦃

Tell Unicode to ignore Butterball’s ridiculous request for a dead turkey emoji!

An Open Letter to Everyone Who Eats Chicken Wings

Surely, if people were abusing dogs and cats like this and then selling their body parts, it would be all over the news and those responsible would likely face criminal charges. Chickens feel pain and suffer just as much as dogs and cats do, and they don’t deserve to be treated this way and die just so humans can eat their wings while watching “the big game.”

 Some traditions need to end. The time has come for our chicken-wing obsession to become a thing of the past.


What’s Wrong With UGGs?

 UGGs aren’t just ugly—they are made from the skin of abused and terrified sheep.

Sheep are typically crammed into crowded pens. It’s also considered “normal” in the Australian wool industry for approximately 3 million young lambs to die every spring.

In the wool and meat industries, before sheep are slaughtered for their skin or flesh, they’re forced to live miserable lives: Lambs’ ears are hole-punched, their tails are chopped off, and the males are castrated … … all usually without anesthetics or pain relief.Remember: Every purchase of UGG boots or other wool products supports extreme cruelty to animals. If you want to keep your feet warm and snuggly, check out these cute cruelty-free boots instead:

Airwalk makes a great alternative that looks just like the real thing—minus the gross dead skin. They’re available at Payless ShoeSource.

Airwalk Payless Ugg Boots
Payless Shoesource 

Target has tons of wool-free styles to keep your feet warm!

Target uggs

Reneeze makes cruelty-free boots in all colors of the rainbow! Get them on Amazon.

Reneeze Uggs

Fourever Funky has a few styles in cute leopard print (no leopards harmed!)

fourever funky leopard uggs
Fourever Funky 

If you have a little bit more 💰 to spend, Pammies are a good investment. Created by Pamela Anderson, these sexy boots are made in the United States from all recycled materials.


With all of these options, it’s no wonder everyone’s giving UGGs the boot! Show the world that you, too, can stay warm with compassion by stepping out in some vegan boots. #WearYourOwnSkin

Learn more about how you can help sheep and other animals who are killed for their skin:

who are you wearing banner sheep

Help sheep: Expose the truth behind sheepskin products and share this post with your friends.

Workers Rip Out Handfuls of Ducks‘ Feathers

Workers clamp birds—upside down—between their knees and rip out handfuls of feathers as the animals cry out and try to escape. 

Everyone loves seeing ducks at the park. Sometimes you can admire them floating or diving in a pond—or, if you’re lucky, leading their adorable babies.

But that’s not the reality for ducks used for down. For them, „life“ looks more like this:

  • Being clamped between a worker’s knees, crying as handfuls of their feathers are ripped out

  • Having their gaping, bloody wounds roughly sewn up with a needle and thread

  • Feeling every second of their throats being slit right before they’re submerged into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers

Eventually, the birds are crammed into trucks bound for the slaughterhouse, where many of them are still fully conscious while their throats are cut and they’re plunged into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers. 

We Can’t Believe He’s STILL Exploiting Nosey

Liebel has withheld food from her during „training,“ shackled her with chains so short that she could barely move, and abused and exploited her in many other ways—all while she likely suffers from debilitating and painful arthritis.

In fact, an elephant expert has characterized her case as „the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant [that he’s] ever reviewed.“

Ask the Kewanna Fall Festival not to allow Nosey to appear at the event—and to commit to hosting only animal-free entertainment in the future.

California Museum Has Newborn Chicks Killed — PETITION

Museums exist to educate and entertain people, but those things should never be done at the expense of other living beings. Yet the California Science Center hatches baby chicks in an attempt to teach students about lifecycles.

What these exercises fail to teach students is that the chicks are killed after they’re used at the museum.

How’s that for a „lifecycle“?

Not only do these babies end up being killed shortly after they’re born for a lesson that could easily have been taught without a live demonstration, such as with modern and humane alternatives—it inadvertently teaches students that animals are tools—which is wrong. These chicks are living, thinking, feeling animals—and they’re not ours to use.

Bottom line: Killing animals in the name of „science“ is NEVER OK.

Tell the California Science Center to stop hatching chicks and to use virtual alternatives that are interesting, educational, and safe!

Chickens violently killed in the street to observe a holiday

Be Part of the peta2 Movement



Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday that’s meant to let everyone atone for their sins—so why do people think they can do this by abusing and killing chickens?

Chickens are crammed into tiny cages and taken to Kapparot ritual sites, where people swing them through the air by their wings and slit their throats.

Participants claim that they donate the chickens‘ bodies to feed the poor—which still wouldn’t excuse any of this behavior—but what actually happens is that most of these animals are thrown out like trash.

Atoning for sins by donating money to those in need—as many Jews do instead—makes a lot more sense than torturing, killing, and trashing defenseless animals, don’t you think?

Tell the national rabbinical leadership that violently killing and trashing animals is unforgivable.

For all animals,