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Conscious, Bleeding Chickens Piled Into Garbage Bags

Every year, tens of thousands of chickens are abused and killed in Kapparot atonement rituals for the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur—which seriously makes no sense because Jewish law forbids cruelty to animals.

This is the definition of cruel: Chickens are transported to Kapparot ritual sites from factory farms in filthy, cramped cages without any food, water, or protection from the elements. Many die from dehydration and stress, and they’re often injured because they’re handled so roughly.

When the birds who survive the transport arrive at the site, the ritual participants swing them through the air by their legs and wings, slit their throats, and put them into traffic cones while they bleed to death.

People have been seen pulling the heads off the chickens and piling them in garbage bags while they’re still conscious.

Kapparot organizers claim that the dead chickens are donated to feed the poor—which still wouldn’t make it OK—but eyewitnesses say that many of the birds are just thrown in the garbage.

Two of the most influential rabbis in history—Maimonides and Joseph Caro—said that the Kapparot ritual should be abandoned. Many modern-day Orthodox Jews seem to agree, because they celebrate by donating money to charity instead of by violently killing animals.

Treating animals like this on a holiday that’s meant to atone for sins is just wrong.

Tell the national rabbinical leadership that observing Yom Kippur by killing defenseless animals is unforgivable.

Message to {contact_data~firstName} {contact_data~lastName}:

I was appalled to learn that tens of thousands of chickens are abused and killed each year on the eve of Yom Kippur in cruel Kapparot „atonement“ rituals, during which the birds are swung through the air by their wings before their throats are slit. Despite claims that the dead animals are given to feed the hungry, eyewitnesses say that some of the birds are tossed out like garbage!

Leading rabbis, including two of the most influential Jewish leaders in history—Maimonides and Joseph Caro—have spoken out against this practice. In fact, some rabbis who used to participate in the ritual themselves now celebrate Yom Kippur by donating money to charity instead.

The ritual of abusing and killing chickens is not required for Kapparot and does not fulfill the intent of the day. It also violates tza’ar ba’alei chayim—the Jewish law that condemns cruelty to animals—and bal tashchit, the Jewish principle that forbids wanton and wasteful destruction. Donating money to charity is the cruelty-free way to observe the occasion.

I urge you to speak out against the ritual of killing chickens for Kapparot and to encourage people to donate money to charity instead. Thank you for your consideration.

Sylvia Linnenkohl

Today Is #BoycottSeaWorldDay—Help Orcas Now!

Action Alert

Today, July 24, is #BoycottSeaWorldDay, the anniversary of baby orca Kyara’s death and a national day of protests and social media engagement to raise awareness of the abusement park’s cruelty. Animals are still imprisoned there, and your voice is needed to let SeaWorld know that this is wrong.

SeaWorld is a horrible place for orcas, who endure stress, loneliness, and depression in captivity. In the wild, orcas live in large social groups, spending their lives with their families. They’re intelligent animals who often swim up to 140 miles a day. But at SeaWorld, they’re confined to tiny, chemically treated tanks, where they swim in endless circles and break their teeth by gnawing in frustration on the concrete corners and metal bars of their prisons.

While orcas are no longer bred at the park, animals there—including other dolphins—are still being impregnated, sometimes forcibly after being drugged. Meanwhile, the death toll at SeaWorld continues to climb: More than 40 orcas and hundreds of other animals have died there, many of them prematurely.

Take action on #BoycottSeaWorldDay by urging AAA to stop promoting the marine park.


Then, share this photo, telling your friends why SeaWorld should free the orcas to seaside sanctuaries in 2018:

Thank you for your compassion for animals.


Alexandria Frandina-Brown
Campaigns Coordinator, Animals in Entertainment
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Chelsea here probably has no idea that elephants used for rides are typically taken away from their mothers as babies, viciously beaten, and controlled under the constant threat of being gouged with a sharp weapon.

The company is selling a sad-looking elephant dressed up for human amusement and a little girl doll that can sit in a chair on the animal’s back and use the elephant as a vehicle.

Chelsea here probably has no idea that elephants used for rides are typically taken away from their mothers as babies, viciously beaten, and controlled under the constant threat of being gouged with a sharp weapon. Other kids probably don’t know that either—and that’s why this toy is so dangerous.

But Mattel does know, so we can’t even venture a guess as to why it wanted to create this terrible toy—which needs to be discontinued ASAP.

Tell Mattel to Stop Promoting Elephant Exploitation

For all animals,

15 insanely evil things SeaWorld has done

Be Part of the peta2 Movement

Apple Apple

We all know that SeaWorld’s business is built on tearing animals away from their families, breeding and inbreeding them, and imprisoning them in tiny barren tanks—but since today is #EmptyTheTanksDay, let’s talk about the disturbing specifics:

  • SeaWorld separated two bonded polar bears—Szenja and Snowflake—after they’d spent 20 years together, leaving Szenja without any other members of her species to interact with. She died two months later—likely with a broken heart.

  • A dolphin named Ringer was impregnated by her own father, and there’s a good chance that her last calf was inbred as well. (She had several babies … and all of them have died.)
  • In 1983, 12 dolphins were captured from their home waters in Chile to be put on display at SeaWorld. Half of them died within six months.

Commerson’s Dolphin | bfurlong | CC BY-SA 2.0

  • In 2011, the company took 10 penguin babies away from their parents in Antarctica and shipped them to SeaWorld in California for „research purposes.“

  • In 2015, SeaWorld shipped 20 penguins via FedEx on a 13-hour journey from California to Michigan, transporting them inside small plastic crates with air holes and forcing them to stand on blocks of ice.
  • Nanuq, a beluga whale, was abducted from his home waters and family at 6 years old, and he was used for an artificial insemination experiment at SeaWorld. He was removed from the water about 42 times so that workers could collect his sperm. Six of his babies died at birth or shortly after. Nanuq died, too, after his jaw was shattered.

  • In 1978, SeaWorld captured two sharks from the ocean and put them in an enclosure. Within three days, they’d run into a wall, sunk to the bottom of the enclosure, and died. SeaWorld has continued to imprison and kill different species of sharks ever since.

  • An orca named Shamu performed in the first-ever orca show at SeaWorld in 1965. She’d been kidnapped from her mother—and during her capture, her mother was shot with a harpoon and killed right in front of her.

  • SeaWorld continued buying orcas who were taken from their families. Its orca hunter even hired divers to cut open the stomachs of four orcas, fill them with rocks, and put anchors around their tails in order to sink them to the bottom of the ocean so that their deaths wouldn’t be discovered.
  • Abducted at 1 year old, an orca named Kasatka was imprisoned by SeaWorld in a tank for nearly 40 years—until she died. Workers made her perform up to eight shows a day, transferred her to different locations 14 times within eight years, used her for breeding, and took her babies away.

  • Kasatka’s mate was killed after a pool gate closed on his head, fracturing his skull.
  • Corky was abducted from her family and home as a baby, then inseminated over and over again—six times with sperm from her own cousin. Her last baby was found dead at the bottom of a tank. Her family is still out there in the wild, but SeaWorld won’t return her to them.

  • Takara, a 25-year-old orca at SeaWorld, has been artificially inseminated many times, separated from her mother and two of her children, and shuffled from theme park to theme park. She was just starting to build a relationship with her daughter Kyara, who then died at only 3 months old.

  • SeaWorld masturbated Tilikum („Tilly“) over and over and forcibly impregnated female orcas with his sperm. He’s the biological father of more than half the orcas who’ve been born at SeaWorld. More than half of his children have died. Tilly died, too, after 33 miserable years in captivity.

Shamu (Tilikum) | Milan Boers | CC by 2.0

  • In order to keep the animals‘ worn and broken teeth from becoming infected, employees drill out the inside of the teeth—often without any anesthetics or painkillers—and then flush them out daily.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. SeaWorld still subjects 21 orcas, more than 100 other dolphins and whales, and many other animals to constant confinement and deprivation.

I’m mad—are you mad?

Everyone needs to know what SeaWorld has done so that we can come together to stop it. Take action for these animals, and spread the word to everyone you know.

Tell WestJet to Cut Ties With SeaWorld Today

Tell SeaWorld to Send the Orcas to Seaside Sanctuaries

Until the tanks are empty,

Urge the USDA to Close the Loophole That Keeps Chronic Violators Licensed!

Action Alert

Dear One,

Following years of PETA lawsuits and pressure, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering changes that would end its policy of automatically renewing the licenses of chronic violators of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA)—the only federal law that explicitly protects animals who are used for entertainment, experiments, and the pet trade—even when the agency knows that the facility isn’t in compliance with the law.

This loophole keeps chronic AWA violators licensed and protects abusers, not animals! You only have until November 2 to speak up.

Tell the USDA to amend its regulations to stop abusive exhibitors, dealers, and breeders from keeping animals in inhumane conditions.

Take Action Now!

Thank you for your compassion for animals.


Delcianna Winders, Esq.
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Captive Animal Law Enforcement
PETA Foundation

Neuigkeit zur Petition: Meeting with the environment minister of Malaysia

Friends of the Orangutans

Malaysia, Malaysia

28. Feb. 2017 — Dear Supporter,

After several months of trying we have today been granted an audience with the environment minister of Malaysia, which will take place tomorrow, 1st March. Could you please help us tweet to the environment ministry to let them know you continue to demand for Lasah’s freedom? Simply click on the link below to tweet now!

Thank you to those who have recently written to the environment minister, we appreciate it.

Updates on our meeting with the minister and others will be posted soon. In the meantime please check this link to know what else you can do for Lasah.

Thank you for your kind, persistent support. With you, we have campaigned for Lasah for seven months now and we won’t give up.

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia