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Merck is sentencing thousands of children to death

Lacey K., Care2 Action Alerts

Stop This Pharmaceutical Giant from Taking a Life-Saving Vaccine Away from Impoverished Children.
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The massive pharmaceutical company, Merck has backed out of its agreement to provide Rotavirus vaccines at a lower cost to West African countries. This decision sentences thousands of impoverished children to a long and painful death.

Babies infected with Rotavirus infections suffer from severe diarrhea and vomiting. While children in developed countries rarely die from the disease, it claims the lives of about 500,000 babies in developing countries every year. Most are younger than 15 months old.

This would not happen if pharmaceutical companies like Merck provided developing countries with the vaccine at a reasonable cost. Instead, Merck is going to turn its back on West African countries and sell the vaccines in China at much higher prices.

Sign this petition to demand that Merck put aside their corporate greed and reverse their decision to deny West African babies the Rotavirus vaccine.

Merck announced that they are opening up vast new markets in China just before they announced that „supply constraints“ will prevent them from sending the Rotavirus vaccine to the children of West Africa. This is corporate greed, plain and simple.

Sign this petition to tell Merck that it is morally wrong and socially irresponsible to sentence thousands of babies to death just so they can make more money.

Thank you,

Lacey K.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. No baby should suffer a painful and easily preventable death just because they live in poverty. Tell Merck to send the promised amount of Rotavirus vaccines to West Africa.


A October 27th, 2017 Message from Grandma Chandra


Hello Soul Family!

Time and Space are a human creation. In the eternal NOW, Time and Space do not exist. If there is no Time and Space then there is no Death. It is just a human illusion. 
We are all Immortal. Mortality only exists inside Time and Space. Collectively, we have bought into living and dying and our societies reflect this with the Age, Religious, Gender, and Race Barriers that we have been taught to accept. It is like we are going along an assembly line: Birth, School, Job, Marriage, Children, Grandchildren, Retirement, Disease and Death. 

Once you buy into something with your Consciousness, it becomes a Reality. Everything comes back to Belief Systems (B.S.) and taking Personal Responsibility (P.R.) for your life. There are many examples here is just one, ‚My mother had allergies so I have allergies.‘ This is a Belief System. How can you change that? You can take Personal Responsibility for your own body and give it the support it needs so you don’t get allergies. How is your P.R. working for you?

I love you All,
Your continued commitment to work with me is
deeply appreciated.
Hugs and Love to all of you,
 Gma and Cat