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it’s time to gear up and remind people that SeaWorld is still a terrible place for animals and that they shouldn’t visit any marine park or aquarium.

Summer is around the corner, and because you’re a caring person, it’s time to gear up and remind people that SeaWorld is still a terrible place for animals and that they shouldn’t visit any marine park or aquarium. To help you prep, we’re giving away 10 of our “SeaWorld Sucks” shirts! To enter, all you have to do is take action for animals on the peta2 app between May 30 and June 7.*

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Saving Dolphins and Whales

Dave Phillips, Save Dolphins and Whales

IMMP new logo blue

Thank you so much for caring about dolphins and whales and for helping our International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) team respond to threats to whales and dolphins in the US and around the world.

Saving Captive Whales and Dolphins 

Our focus on the cruelty of keeping orcas in captive tanks is making a big difference. SeaWorld’s failure to support retirement of its orcas while also continuing its circus shows and dolphin swim-with programs is causing many visitors to stay away. It also resulted in the recent departure of CEO Joel Manby for failing to stop the dramatic slide in SeaWorld’s attendance.

But while captive orcas get most of the media’s attention, we’re also not losing sight of necessary actions to protect their smaller dolphin cousins. We’ve just launched a new short 6-minute video Lives of Wild Dolphins to highlight the plight of captive dolphins. You can watch it here.

Lives of Wild Dolphins eblast.jpgOur video makes it clear that captivity cannot ever come close to providing the needs of free and wild dolphins. This message is critical right now as SeaWorld keeps pumping out false statements about how “happy” dolphins and whales are in their concrete tanks.

There isn’t a single orca or dolphin currently in captivity that wouldn’t benefit by being retired to a seaside ocean sanctuary to live in natural seawater and free from performances and unhealthy lives in tanks.

With your help we can get this message out around the world and press SeaWorld and the rest of the captivity industry to change.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan

You’ve been a key part of our efforts to end the tragic slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, since before the Academy award-winning movie “The Cove” was released. It is shocking that the Japanese government continues to subsidize this brutal slaughter despite the shame that it brings to Japan. But while the Japanese government is actually increasing the kill quotas, dolphin kill levelsDec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpg have been dropping almost every year. 

We need help to stop the sale of live dolphins captured in Taiji to captive theme parks around the world. And we must also continue to spread the word that Taiji dolphin meat is heavily laden with mercury and is dangerous to eat. Thankfully, every year fewer and fewer Japanese people buy and eat dolphin or whale meat products.

We’re also pressuring the Japan government to end whaling and dolphin killing prior to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Our letter to Japan’s government was signed by 23 international environmental and animal welfare organizations.

Please help us focus the glare of world attention on Japan to end the shameful abuse of dolphins and whales.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

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Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is moving ahead to destroy this important marine National Monument.  Established by President George W. Bush and expanded by President Barack Obama, this pristine and massive protected sanctuary of jewel-like waters and small islands is teeming with breeding birds, whales and dolphins, sharks and other fish species. This protected area is critical habitat for the region’s marine life.

PRI Monument photo .jpg

We will not let this area be destroyed. We are preparing to go to court against the Trump Administration to prevent shrinking the Monument and opening it to massive commercial fishing, using fishing methods that entangle whales and dolphins and sacrifice sharks and other species. Your support will help us win this effort.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

In all these campaigns and more, we are saving dolphins and whales thanks to your help. With your tax-deductible donation, you can receive gifts, including our new campaign t-shirt .

On behalf of all dolphins and whales swimming in their natural ocean homes and those that are desperate for our help, thank you again for your critical support.

Best Wishes,

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David Phillips,  Executive Director
International Marine Mammal Project

With a monthly sustaining donation we’ll send you our beautiful new organic Dolphin Campaign t-shirt, or a „Blackfish“ movie DVD (with free shipping).

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AAA Promotes the Keeping of Dolphins and Orcas in Concrete Tanks

It’s been more than four years since the release of the documentary Blackfish whose „star,“ Tilikum, died after 33 years in a concrete tank—but orcas at SeaWorld are still swimming in endless circles and breaking their teeth by gnawing in frustration on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks. Other animals are still being impregnated, sometimes forcibly after being drugged, and an infant dolphin died just minutes after birth.

Dozens of companies—including JetBlue, Mattel, Southwest Airlines, STA Travel, and Taco Bell—have severed ties with the park. Yet AAA continues to promote the cruel company, which profits from keeping highly intelligent bottlenose dolphins and orcas in concrete tanks that, to them, are the size of bathtubs.

AAA says that feedback from its members and the public is its most valuable source of information, so we need your help to let it know that it’s wrong to promote an abusement park such as SeaWorld, which deprives complex, emotional, and social animals of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Please ask the motor club to do the right thing and stop promoting SeaWorld. If you’re a AAA member, please mention that in the message below and remind the company that cruelty to animals is a very serious issue to you.

Don’t forget to follow up with a polite call to the company at 407-444-8402 urging it to end its affiliation with SeaWorld. (Note: AAA’s office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. ET.)

15 insanely evil things SeaWorld has done

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We all know that SeaWorld’s business is built on tearing animals away from their families, breeding and inbreeding them, and imprisoning them in tiny barren tanks—but since today is #EmptyTheTanksDay, let’s talk about the disturbing specifics:

  • SeaWorld separated two bonded polar bears—Szenja and Snowflake—after they’d spent 20 years together, leaving Szenja without any other members of her species to interact with. She died two months later—likely with a broken heart.

  • A dolphin named Ringer was impregnated by her own father, and there’s a good chance that her last calf was inbred as well. (She had several babies … and all of them have died.)
  • In 1983, 12 dolphins were captured from their home waters in Chile to be put on display at SeaWorld. Half of them died within six months.

Commerson’s Dolphin | bfurlong | CC BY-SA 2.0

  • In 2011, the company took 10 penguin babies away from their parents in Antarctica and shipped them to SeaWorld in California for „research purposes.“

  • In 2015, SeaWorld shipped 20 penguins via FedEx on a 13-hour journey from California to Michigan, transporting them inside small plastic crates with air holes and forcing them to stand on blocks of ice.
  • Nanuq, a beluga whale, was abducted from his home waters and family at 6 years old, and he was used for an artificial insemination experiment at SeaWorld. He was removed from the water about 42 times so that workers could collect his sperm. Six of his babies died at birth or shortly after. Nanuq died, too, after his jaw was shattered.

  • In 1978, SeaWorld captured two sharks from the ocean and put them in an enclosure. Within three days, they’d run into a wall, sunk to the bottom of the enclosure, and died. SeaWorld has continued to imprison and kill different species of sharks ever since.

  • An orca named Shamu performed in the first-ever orca show at SeaWorld in 1965. She’d been kidnapped from her mother—and during her capture, her mother was shot with a harpoon and killed right in front of her.

  • SeaWorld continued buying orcas who were taken from their families. Its orca hunter even hired divers to cut open the stomachs of four orcas, fill them with rocks, and put anchors around their tails in order to sink them to the bottom of the ocean so that their deaths wouldn’t be discovered.
  • Abducted at 1 year old, an orca named Kasatka was imprisoned by SeaWorld in a tank for nearly 40 years—until she died. Workers made her perform up to eight shows a day, transferred her to different locations 14 times within eight years, used her for breeding, and took her babies away.

  • Kasatka’s mate was killed after a pool gate closed on his head, fracturing his skull.
  • Corky was abducted from her family and home as a baby, then inseminated over and over again—six times with sperm from her own cousin. Her last baby was found dead at the bottom of a tank. Her family is still out there in the wild, but SeaWorld won’t return her to them.

  • Takara, a 25-year-old orca at SeaWorld, has been artificially inseminated many times, separated from her mother and two of her children, and shuffled from theme park to theme park. She was just starting to build a relationship with her daughter Kyara, who then died at only 3 months old.

  • SeaWorld masturbated Tilikum („Tilly“) over and over and forcibly impregnated female orcas with his sperm. He’s the biological father of more than half the orcas who’ve been born at SeaWorld. More than half of his children have died. Tilly died, too, after 33 miserable years in captivity.

Shamu (Tilikum) | Milan Boers | CC by 2.0

  • In order to keep the animals‘ worn and broken teeth from becoming infected, employees drill out the inside of the teeth—often without any anesthetics or painkillers—and then flush them out daily.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. SeaWorld still subjects 21 orcas, more than 100 other dolphins and whales, and many other animals to constant confinement and deprivation.

I’m mad—are you mad?

Everyone needs to know what SeaWorld has done so that we can come together to stop it. Take action for these animals, and spread the word to everyone you know.

Tell WestJet to Cut Ties With SeaWorld Today

Tell SeaWorld to Send the Orcas to Seaside Sanctuaries

Until the tanks are empty,

Help – please email MEPs now to save dolphins

Urgent action needed – please send a message to MEPs and hep protect dolphins and porpoises.

We need your help 

Next Tuesday, the European Parliament will vote on fisheries measures that could be disastrous for dolphins, porpoises and whales and other marine species such as turtles and sea birds. But you can help!

In a nutshell, the measures being voted on are utterly inadequate and do not give nearly enough protection from accidental entanglement in fishing gear. Thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die this way every year, yet these horrific deaths could be prevented with stronger regulations.

Every MEP has a vote on Tuesday –  please urge yours to vote to protect dolphins, whales and porpoises. We need MEPs to make sure the regulations are made much stronger or thrown out completely and rewritten.

A porpoise caught in a fishing net

We really need you to help with this one  as it’s not looking good for dolphins and porpoises like the poor individual in the picture above. We have this one chance to stop these tragic and needless deaths.

Please send a message to your MEPs and ask them to make their vote count.

It’s really simple to do. I’ve even listed some suggestions for what you might want to say in your message. Please, help us save thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales from a slow and agonising death.

Thank you for your brilliant support.

Julia Thoms

WDC campaigns manager

Urge Bands to Bail on SeaWorld’s Praise Wave!

Following a year that saw SeaWorld slapped with a class-action lawsuit by investors and a criminal fraud investigation, as well as the deaths of seven marine mammals there, the abusement park is desperately trying to tempt Christians with a musical festival called Praise Wave.

orca at Seaworld

Even though top singers—such as Trace Adkins, Martina McBride, and Willie Nelson—have joined dozens of other performers in canceling performances at the failing theme park, musicians Steven Curtis Chapman, Lecrae, and MercyMe are set to perform there, encouraging unknowing Christians to support a company that forces highly intelligent orcas to perform tricks in concrete tanks that, to them, are the equivalent of the size of bathtubs for humans.

Musicians listen to their fans, so we need your help to let them know that it’s wrong to support a company that deprives complex, emotional, and social orcas of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Please post messages on the following social media pages urging the performers not to appear at SeaWorld.

Then, use the form below to urge Chapman and MercyMe to set a meaningful example of being good stewards of God’s creation by canceling their performances at Praise Wave.

Message to {contact_data~firstName} {contact_data~lastName}:

I was disappointed to learn that you plan to perform at SeaWorld despite overwhelming evidence that orcas and other animals confined there are treated cruelly. Millions of consumers have watched Blackfish—whose „star,“ Tilikum, died along with two other orcas at the park in 2017—and learned the truth about the devastating physical and mental effects that this marine park has on the animals it confines. At least 40 orcas, hundreds of other dolphins and whales, and countless other animals have died at SeaWorld. By performing for this cruel company, you’re inhibiting progress toward moving these animals to coastal sanctuaries, where they would have a chance to live in a more natural habitat.

Please do the right thing now by canceling your performance at SeaWorld.

Thank you.

Sylvia Linnenkohl

Help animals!

Sign the new petition to Japanese Prime Minister Abe to Stop the Taiji Slaughter.

Japan: Stop the Slaughter & Captivity of Dolphins

Target: Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen & Prime Minister Abe

In 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the summer Olympics, which are all about cooperation and celebration.  The slaughter of whales and dolphins practiced by Japan are anything but.  Does Japan really need such black marks on their national reputation?

When you sign this petition, you are pledging NOT to ever buy a ticket to a captive dolphin show; you are telling the Mayor of Taiji and Japanese Prime Minister Abe that the slaughters and trade in live dolphins is unacceptable. You are demanding the release of the albino dolphin Angel, and refuting the idea that the Taiji dolphin hunts are traditional, as this has been proven false.

The Save Japan Dolphins campaign will be presenting these petitions to representatives to the Japanese government at future events. Help us spread the word, sign and share.

Petition by

To: Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen & Prime Minister Abe
From: [Your Name]

Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympics. Will they still be slaughtering dolphins and whales by then?

Now that WAZA and JAZA agree that the code of ethics prohibits capture of live dolphins for captivity during the cruel Taiji hunts, we call on the Taiji Mayor and the Japanese Prime Minister to permanently halt both the slaughter and trade in live dolphins, release the dolphin Angel into a seapen, and stop insisting that the hunts are a cultural tradition, as this has been proven false.

Hope for Dolphins and Whales

Dave Phillips, Save Dolphins and Whales

IMMP new logo blue

As the year comes to an end, I’m inspired by what have have done together for dolphins and whales. Around the globe we are standing up for these amazing beings.  But we can’t do it without your help!

Stopping Dolphin Deaths in Tuna Nets 

We just won a crucial ruling from the World Trade Organization against the Mexican government’s attempt to destroy the Dolphin Safe tuna label law.

Dolphins caught in tuna net.jpegMexican tuna companies still use horrendously cruel and deadly fishing methods. We’ve convinced more than 90% of the world tuna companies to end this practice. Yet Mexico’s tuna seiners continue chase, capture and kill dolphins using speedboats, helicopters, and mile-long nets.

This dolphin-killing fishing method must be prohibited. With your help we can end it!

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Freeing Orcas and from Concrete Tanks

Despite dropping attendance and a rash of orca deaths, SeaWorld continues to refuse to get out of the marine mammal captivity business and retire orcas and dolphins to seaside sanctuaries where they belong. Orca SeaWorld photo.jpeg

Instead, SeaWorld has doubled-down on lies. They are ramping up a $25 million-dollar ad campaign to con people into believing that their concrete tanks are safe for orcas and dolphins.  This just isn’t true.

Check out our new video The Chance to Be Free, pulling back the curtain on SeaWorld’s abuse.

With your support, we can get this message to millions of people and keep pressure on SeaWorld to change.

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Working Around the World For Dolphins

Dec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpg

In Taiji, Japan, the body count of dead dolphins continues. The government refuses to end the bloody slaughter in the killing cove. The number of dolphins killed has been reduced, but that is not enough! 

We’ve launched a global effort to shine a spotlight on Japan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and build worldwide pressure on Japan’s leadership to end the killing of cetaceans permanently.

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Trump vs. Whales

News is just out that the Trump Administration is ready to unveil a plan to slash the size of protected marine National Monuments in the outer Hawaiian Islands, Rose Island, Wake Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, and other protected coral islands.

It would allow offshore oil drilling and commercial fishing in sensitive marine habitats despite the risks to migrating humpback, blue and minke whales, numerous dolphin species, and reef sharks.

We must stop these dangerous proposals in court and through increased public pressure. Sign our Petition.

In all these campaigns and more, we are saving dolphins and whales thanks to your support. With your tax-deductible donation, you can also receive great holiday gifts, including our new campaign t-shirt.

On behalf of all dolphins swimming in their natural ocean homes and those that are desperate for our help, thank you again for your critical support.

Best Wishes,

DP Signature Blue.jpeg

David Phillips,  Executive Director
International Marine Mammal Project

With a monthly sustaining donation we’ll send you our beautiful new organic Dolphin Campaign t-shirt, or a „Blackfish“ movie DVD (all with free shipping).

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