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WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
The 'whale bowl'

Hi there, I’m pleased to bring you your September enews.

Have you signed our petition yet asking TUI to help end lockdown for captive whales and dolphins like Lolita, the orca in the photo above?


Lolita was taken from the wild in 1970. Several other whales died in the nets and their bodies were filled with rocks by their captors so they would sink to the bottom and leave no trace. 

The tiny pool you see in the picture has been Lolita’s entire world for more than 50 years. She shares it with two Pacific white-sided dolphins and has not had orca company for more than 40 years.

Many of us have struggled with isolation during the pandemic. How has an intelligent, social, highly mobile and emotionally complex individual like Lolita coped with a 50 year lockdown? Some days I simply find it too painful to contemplate. Surviving is not living as my colleague Rob Lott explores through his personal recollections of meeting Lolita and another orca – Corky who has been in captivity even longer.

But there is hope because of people like you. Together we have the power to create great change. People are questioning and challenging captivity in far greater numbers than ever before. We have persuaded travel giants like Virgin Holidays and British Airways to stop supporting captive cruelty. Now we need to persuade TUI, the world’s largest tour operator, to join them.

On behalf of all of us at WDC and the 3,600 whales and dolphins held in tanks – thank you for playing your part.

Julia Pix, WDC.


SeaWorld San Diego

Another captive orca dies

Amaya was only six years old when she died at SeaWorld San Diego (pictured) in August. It breaks my heart to think that she’s the second orca to die in captivity since we launched our campaign calling on TUI to stop supporting this cruelty


Baby dolphin trapped in kelp

Baby dolphin rescued

Atlantic white-sided dolphins usually live offshore, so when they showed up in a Scottish harbour it was clear they were in trouble. Hear how this newborn dolphin and her/his family were rescued by an inspiring show of human teamwork.


Volunteers with binoculars

Be a citizen scientist

if you live in Scotland, you could join our Shorewatch team. Our Shorewatch volunteers are trained to look out for whales and dolphins, and the data they collect helps us lobby for better protection.


cuddly whale

Shop with us

Did you know we have an online shop? We have an extensive range from cuddly whales to clothing made from recycled materials, plus handcrafts and homeware made by artisans from around the world.  All profits go towards protecting whales and dolphins.


Dolphin with plastic bag on fin

Message in a bottle

The plastic going into the ocean every year (up to 23m tonnes) weighs as much as 10 times all the blue whales alive today! So we’ve joined with BRITA to release a shocking new report which serves as a wake-up call from the ocean.



New game launched

WDC partner Curve Digital’s new game I Am Fish launched today on Steam! Join Goldfish and his friends in making a break for freedom to the sanctuary of the sea. A portion of sales is being donated  to help us protect whales and dolphins.


Please consider making a donation today


🐋 Petition and your whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Have you signed the petition yet ✍️?

If you’ve already signed – thank you! We experienced some technical issues with our website last week which meant that some people had difficulty reaching the page. This is all resolved (*crosses fingers!*) and so, if you were one of those people, please try again now because every signature counts.SIGN THE PETITION

After more than a year of lockdowns, we know what it feels like to have our world shrink and our freedom taken away. But whales and dolphins are still captured from the wild, kept in tanks that are far too small for their needs, and made to perform for our entertainment.

Thanks to your support we have already persuaded Virgin Holidays, British Airways, TripAdvisor and others to stop supporting this cruelty.

Now we need your help to persuade TUI to join them, so we’re calling on the world’s largest tour operator to help end lockdown for captive whales and dolphins. 

Please share the petition with everyone you know, on social media or by email. If you’ve already shared, please share again!

Thank you for your continued support  – we’re able to fight and win on behalf of whales and dolphins because of you.

Julia Pix.

Please consider making a donation today to end captivity 


Campaign image of dolphin on plane

Lockdown never ends

Meet some of the whales and dolphins held captive in ‚attractions‘ supported by TUI. Each of them is an individual and every story is a tragedy. Find out more and join the campaign.


Ula at Loro Parque in May

Morgan’s daughter dies

We were heartbroken to hear that little orca Ula (pictured) had died at Loro Parque in Tenerife just weeks before her third birthday. How many more of these tragedies will it take before people accept that captivity is wrong and isn’t working?


Little White and Little Grey

Sanctuary solutions

Little White and Little Grey are the residents of the first sanctuary for captive whales. Covid has caused delays but preparations continue for their release to the bay. With 3,600 whales and dolphins held in tanks, sanctuaries are vital.


Fin whale

Learn and save

Ever wondered how fin whales can swim so fast? With this engineering and physics book bundle by Mercury Learning – you can figure it out! Head on over to Humble Bundle now to grab this bargain – save £££ while supporting WDC.


Minke whale

Cruel whale tests ended

We were relieved that the hearing experiments in Norway ended with no whales tested. But we are outraged that it was ever allowed. The researchers plan to try again next year and, with your support, we will oppose them all the way.


Whaling an ugly stain

The Olympics are over and we’re looking forward to the Paralympics next week. But while Japan’s government says it wants to hold the greenest games ever, it is still sanctioning the slaughter of our climate allies – whales. 


Please consider making a donation today to end captivity 


🐬 Please sign our petition. Urge TUI to end lockdown for captive whales …

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

We’re launching a major new campaign and we need your help today

Lockdown never ends for captive whales and dolphins, thanks to holiday providers like TUI.  Please sign our petition – ask TUI to end its support for cruel captivity.


After more than a year of lockdowns, we know what it feels like to have our freedom taken away and our world shrink.

But whales and dolphins are still captured from the wild, kept in tanks that are far too small for their needs, and made to perform for our entertainment.

Thanks to your support we have already persuaded Virgin Holidays, British Airways, TripAdvisor and others to stop supporting this cruelty.

Now we need your help to persuade TUI to join them. Please sign the petition and share it as widely as you possibly can. More signatures means more chance our voices will heard.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to know that we can count on you. Together we achieve amazing things!

Julia Pix, WDC


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🐋 Your July whale and dolphin news 🐬 — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Welcome to your whale and dolphin news 

Yesterday was World Orca Day so in celebration, I thought you might enjoy this beautiful image of a family travelling together in British Columbia, Canada. So peaceful yet so purposeful. Let’s all take a deep breath with these magnificent orcas! Thank you for everything you do to help us protect them.

If you were one of more than 90,000 people who signed our petition to stop the cruel experiments on live whales in Norway – thank you! If you haven’t yet signed, please do sign and share. The permit has run out for this year but the researchers plan to start again next summer and we want to get the petition to 100,000 signatures before we present it to Norway’s prime minister to ask her to think again.

Thank you ever so much for your continued support and I hope you enjoy this month’s e-news.

Julia Pix, WDC.



Adopt an orca

World Orca Day is a day for increasing awareness and protection of these incredible creatures and the ocean they live in. Did you know you can adopt an orca from just £4 a month? You’ll protect their home to give them a safer future.


plastic pollution on beach

Plastic Free July

We all need to reduce our plastic footprint. An easy place to start is by refusing items that are only designed to be used once. We’ve got tips for simple swaps for everyday items.


Cartoon belugas

Keep out – kids only!

Ever wondered if whales have belly buttons? Find out the answer to this question and many more on Kidzone, the new section of our website just for kids (and curious grown ups)


Minke whale

Whale experiments halted

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition to stop the cruel hearing tests in Norway. Thankfully the permit has expired with no whales experimented on. But we need to stop plans to try again next year.


A dolphin sponge-feeding

Shark Bay spongers

This dolphin is using a sponge to protect her from scratches as she forages for food. This tool use is just one example of the incredible multi-cultural dolphin society of Shark Bay, Australia. What we know about them is mind-blowing!


Norway whaling ship

Whale-killing spree

Norway’s atrocious whale hunt looks set to be the deadliest for years with more than 450 whales killed already this season. Most of the dead will likely be pregnant females


Orca rescue

Baby orca rescue

This little orca, now named Toa, was found alone and stranded near Wellington, New Zealand this week. Rescuers are searching for his family.


Please consider making a donation today


Summer fun — WDC

Summer fun.

We’ve got lots of ideas for the whole family to help you make the most of your summer.Kids t shirt £8.60

Adventure kit from £2.10

Hand painted pendants £25

Recycled rug £14.50

Bamboo travel mug £9.50

Bathing from £4.85

Blue whale £7.50

Grow green £8.99

Stacking rings £35 each

Straight straw set £6.90

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🐋 Your June whale and dolphin news 🐬 — wdc

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
minke whale

Speak out for whales and dolphins in Norway and the UK …

Hi there and welcome to your June enews. As well as your usual whale and dolphin stories, this month I need to ask for your help on a couple of things.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition to stop cruel experiments on live minke whales in Norway, please sign and share now. The whales will be caught and forced, one by one, into a salmon-farming pen. There each whale will be clamped between two rafts and electrodes placed under his or her skin.

The whale will be bombarded by noise at various frequencies while their brain signals are measured. They could be held like this for up to six hours.

We got this picture of the site from the air and everything looks in place to begin.

The test site
The test site


We also need you to stand up for UK dolphins, porpoises and whales … 

The UK and devolved governments are considering how to protect them and have opened a public consultation to find out what you think – it closes on Monday 14th June so have your say now. It’s easy to do – just send our simple template email.

Thank you so much. Everyone here at WDC genuinely appreciates your support.

Julia Pix

Bottlenose dolphins off Scotland

Help protect UK dolphins

A government plan for protecting nine species of dolphins, porpoises and whales in UK seas is open for public consultation. We’ve made it easy to take part using our template email. Every voice counts so please have your say.


The Earth

World Ocean Day

Planet Earth needs a healthy ocean. The ocean and our atmosphere are interconnected and on World Ocean Day earlier this week, WDC’s Erich Hoyt reflected on how we all need to play our part to look after our one shared ocean.


The Earth

Play our Summer Raffle

Our summer raffle is now open. You could win one of 10 cash prizes, including the jackpot of £1,000! If you live in mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland, play our raffle today. Over 18s only. Full T&Cs are available at ONLINE TODAY

The Thames minke whale

Whale in the Thames

In May we followed the story of the little minke whale in the Thames with sadness. She was probably still dependent on her mum when she got lost. We’ll never know for sure how she wound up where she did, but here’s what we do know.


Dolphin in net


You’ve probably come across supertrawlers in the media since the film Seaspiracy made them a hot topic. But did you know that when it comes to dolphin deaths in fishing nets, these giant vessels are only part of the problem?


swim serpentine

Swim Serpentine  

Make a big splash and raise funds for whales at Swim Serpentine on 18th September. WDC’s Team Orca has 10 places available. To register your place, send your name and the distance you’d like to swim to


Whale on Norwegian whaling boat

Whaler says ‚eat flowers‘

That’s what the skipper of a Norwegian whaling boat reckons we should do if we don’t like whales being killed. In her blog, WDC Stop Whaling campaigner Vanessa Williams-Grey explores why Norway’s pointless whaling passes under the radar.



Skylum make a splash

From 5th to 30th June, award-winning software company, Skylum, is supporting WDC through a range of exciting events, a competition and special offers, all raising funds for our work protecting whales and dolphins across the globe.


Young dolphins

Babies bring hope

Three Indo-Pacific dolphins who were released back into the wild after being illegally captured over a decade ago, have rejoined their pod and had babies. This success story brings hope for the 3,600 dolphins still held captive.


Please consider a donation to help us stop the whale experiments


Sign the petition

If you haven’t yet, please sign and share our petition urging Norway’s prime minister to stop cruel experiments on live young minke whales. If you’ve signed, please share. If you’ve shared, please share again!


We need to act urgently to save whales and our planet. Will you help ? — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Today is World Oceans Day. A day for celebrating the role of the ocean in our lives and inspiring action to protect it.

Will you help to make a big impact on one of the world’s biggest challenges, by getting behind the world’s biggest creatures? The first 20 supporters who donate £30 or more today will be invited to an exclusive webinar in 2021 to learn more about our work.


As one of our supporters, you will already know that whales play a hugely significant role in maintaining the ocean ecosystems that every creature on Earth depends upon, including you . 

Whales, the giants of the ocean, help ensure a healthy ocean and a healthy planet. By redistributing nutrients around the ocean, which feed oxygen-producing phytoplankton, as well as capturing carbon in their own huge bodies, whales are instrumental in keeping our shared ocean and planet healthy and fighting the climate crisis.

Tragically, we estimate that over a lifetime, every great whale lost is equivalent to bulldozing over three million square metres of forest.  

Every day is a battle to prevent and stop the threats that whales and dolphins face. Right now, Norwegian whalers are killing minke whales. Over 140 minke whales were slaughtered in just the first few days of the self-declared annual whale hunting season. This senseless killing needs to stop if whale populations are ever to recover.

Human actions have taken many species to the brink of extinction, but nature is resilient and can recover, we just need to rethink our relationship with the natural world and give it a helping hand.  Will you help us on World Oceans Day?YES I WANT TO HELP

One of our greatest and most urgent environmental priorities must be the protection of whale and dolphin populations. We desperately need them to recover and thrive to help the ocean and save our planet.

Every whale and dolphin counts. Every pound you can donate today will make a huge difference.

Thank you.

Chris Butler-Stroud,  CEO – Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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Act now to stop cruel whale experiments – we don’t have much time — wdc

We need your help urgently to persuade the Norwegian government to stop plans to experiment on live minke whales.

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Please sign the petition now. Tell Norway’s government to stop cruel whale experiments.

The planned whale testing is beyond cruel

Funded by the US and Norwegian navies, as well as the oil and gas industry, the Norwegian government has approved plans to capture young minke whales to test their reaction to noise from naval sonar and seismic testing for oil and gas. The whales will be caught and forced, one by one, into a modified salmon-farming pen. There each whale will be clamped between two rafts and electrodes placed under his or her skin.

The whale will be bombarded by noise at various frequencies while their brain signals are measured. They could be held like this for up to six hours.

Bad weather has delayed the tests but they could start any day. We urgently need your help to stop them.


These experiments could literally scare the whales to death.

The people carrying out these experiments claim they want to know how much noise the whales can withstand and at which frequencies. 

We’ve sent a letter to Norway’s prime minister signed by more than 50 leading scientists and vets. These experts say the stress could kill the whales. Even if it doesn’t, the ordeal will be dangerous and terrifying for these intelligent and highly sensitive individuals.

We’re co-hosting a petition on to tell the Norwegian government that the world is horrified by their actions and we demand that they stop these cruel experiments.

Please sign and share the petition now and, with your help, we’ll fight as hard as we can to save these whales.

Thank you.

Julia Pix, WDC


Please also consider a donation to help our fight to stop these cruel experiments


Will you help us to protect orcas and their habitats, wdc


Fife by Jared Towers

Hi friend,

Situated in the evergreen forest of Hanson Island, British Columbia, Canada, is OrcaLab, a small land-based whale research station. These sheltered waters are amongst the best places in the world to view orcas in their natural surroundings. WDC has been working with OrcaLab for 30 years. 

Today, we are asking for your help to fund a special project. Will you give a donation so OrcaLab can buy and install a land-based camera so they can observe orcas and their habitat? YES, I WILL DONATE TODAY

OrcaLab was established by Dr Paul Spong over 50 years ago. The short video below explains how this new remote camera at Kaizumi rubbing beach will help protect wild orcas and their habitat. 

OrcaLab Kaizumi Rubbing Beach video

Thanks to WDC’s friends at Curve Digital, half the funds needed to buy and install the land-based camera this summer have been already secured, so we’re already off to a great start! We are asking for your help to raise the rest of the funds.

Will you help us raise £3,000 so that OrcaLab can learn more about the orcas who visit Kaizumi rubbing beach this summer?


As a thank you for donating, we’ll send you:

  •  an exclusive update on the camera installation.
  •  at the end of summer, we’ll share with you what OrcaLab has learnt and send you an exclusive video of their findings.
  • the team hopes to connect this camera to the network in 2022, so you’ll be able to see for yourself the orca activity at this stunning rubbing beach.

If you can make a donation, however small or large, it would mean the world to us. 

Thank you from everyone at WDC and OrcaLab. 

We take your privacy and the protection of your personal data seriously. Please read our privacy policy; this explains how we collect, store and manage your information.

Fundraising Regulator

Stop experiments on whales plus all your April whale and dolphin news — WDC

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation
A minke breaches

We need your help to stop experiments on whales! 

Norwegian authorities have approved plans to catch minke whales, hold them in pens and conduct experiments on them. It’s hard to believe isn’t it!

The cruel, dangerous and completely unnecessary project is planned to take place from 15th May to 22nd June and then run again in 2022.  A mile-wide net will be used to herd migrating juvenile minke whales into an enclosure. From there, they will be moved, one at a time and locked inside a modified salmon-farming cage clamped between two rafts. Once the whales are trapped, the researchers will try to measure their brain waves to determine how they might react to naval sonar and noise from oil and gas exploration.  As many as 12 whales could be held captive for as long as four days before being released.

We have to try to stop this. Please email the Norwegian authorities now using our template text.


As always, thank you for your support – I hope you enjoy reading the stories below to find out what we are achieving together. We are only here to fight for whales and dolphins because of you – our brilliant supporters.

With best wishes from all of us at WDC,

Julia Pix

Please consider making a donation to help us stop whale exploitation in Norway


Dolphin in net

Goodbye Bycatch

For the last few weeks we’ve been asking you to help us make UK seas safer for dolphins, porpoises and whales. This phase of our campaign has finished, so what have we achieved together and what’s next?


Ren Yabuki

Japan’s dolphin hunts

We talked to Ren Yabuki, a Japanese activist working to end the horrific dolphin hunts in Taiji. We’ll only stop the slaughter by raising awareness and changing hearts and minds within Japan, and so people like Ren are crucial.



It’s Earth Day – take action

Almost half of UK wildlife is in long term decline and 15% of species are at risk of extinction. So we’ve joined with over 50 nature conservation groups to urge the prime minister to act. You can help by signing our joint petition.


Whale space race

We’re challenging businesses, entrepreneurs and universities to use space technology to tell us how many whales there are and where they live and migrate. This will help us protect them and unlock solutions to the climate crisis.


Indigo breaching

Help to protect dolphins 

Do you know about our adopt a dolphin programme? By adopting one of the beautiful bottlenose dolphins who live off the coast of Scotland, you’ll help protect them from human dangers including commercial fishing and pollution.


Jet skiers harassing dolphin

Minister backs our calls

As UK restrictions ease and we flock to the coast, we need to remember to give dolphins, porpoises and whales space if we encounter them. Our Rude to Intrude awareness drive has been backed by the environment minister.


You can enjoy the beautiful whales and dolphins in this video even if you’re not lucky enough to encounter them when you are on the water …

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