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Help Close the Russian Whale Jail

Dave Phillips, Save Dolphins and Whales



IMMP Dolphin Logo Black JPG.jpg

Your interest and support fuel our efforts to protect dolphins and whales around the globe. Here are updates from a few of our current campaigns.


We are playing a key role in responding to the shocking, unprecedented, and brutal captures of wild orcas and beluga whales in Russian waters. It’s the largest single capture of orcas and belugas in history, and we need your help.

Eleven orcas and 90 belugas were captured and placed in small holdingOrcas in Icy pens in Russia pens in the Russian port of Nakhodka, on Russia’s Pacific Coast. They’re now hundreds of miles from where they were caught and stripped from their families. 1 orca and 3 belugas from the group have since gone missing.

The orcas and belugas in the Russian “whale jail” are in danger, and we are pressing the Russian government to end this travesty. We’ve helped generate worldwide outrage leading to a cancellation of the original plan to sell them all to captive parks in China. But more must be done.

They must be released to their home waters where they were captured. The Kremlin has not yet decided on the fate of the whales, and is contemplating a dangerous plan to release them where they are now, far from their homes. 

Belugas and Orcas in Russian pens

Your can help our team keep the pressure on and demand action. We’ve also pulled together a group of 25 marine mammal experts to urgently request that Russian orca captures be banned permanently. We’re working closely with grassroots groups in Russia and around the world to free these whales.
Closing the Russian “whale jail” is only one part of our campaign to end the capture and captivity of dolphins and whales.


For more than 50 years, the US company, SeaWorld, has been the driving force behind the myth that holding orcas and smaller dolphins in concrete tanks doing tricks for human entertainment is humane. Enough is enough.

We are moving forward with a federal court lawsuit against SeaWorld’s unfair business practices and false advertising. We are forcing them to disclose information that they’ve kept hidden.

Orcas at SeaWorld; photo by Mark J. Palmer



SeaWorld claims that orcas are „happy“ and „thrive“ in captivity. With this lawsuit, we’re pulling back the veil to show the cruel reality of what life is like for orcas in captivity. The case is scheduled to come to trial this October.
We are also suing the US Trump Administration to get the necropsy reports for orca deaths at SeaWorld, including Tilikum, the orca at the center of the film Blackfish. We believe these records must be made public and will reveal causes of death and other information demonstrating the health and welfare threats to orcas from lives in tanks.

Please donate as generously as you can!;jsessionid=00000000.app30123a;


At the end of February, yet another bloody hunt season for Taiji dolphins ended. Tragically, the number of dolphins killed this year has risen.

The killing is subsidized by the sale of some captured dolphins to aquariums, while most of the rest of the are killed for meat. A trained wild dolphin can bring $150,000 or more on the world market. Dolphins off the coast of Japan pay a terrible price for this trade.

In 2020, Tokyo will host the summer Olympics. We are working to bring pressure to bear on the Japanese government to end the killing of dolphins and whales permanently before the games begin.The world spotlight will be on Japan, and the Olympics could cause international embarrassment over the barbaric slaughter and their recent decision to quit the International Whaling Commission and begin rogue commercial killing of whales.

Your donations can help end the plight of orcas and belugas in Russia and get them back to their families and home waters.

We can force SeaWorld to tell the truth, end the keeping of orcas in tanks, and retire them to seaside sanctuaries.

And we can continue to shine a spotlight on the Japanese government and press for an end to all killing of dolphins and whales.

Your donation of $35, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford will help us fight back.

A monthly donation of $10 or more is a great way to take action, and you will be eligible to receive a special campaign gift. 

Thanks so much for all you can do to help dolphins live wild and free.


DP Signature Blue.jpeg

David Phillips, Director
International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute

P.S. Donate $35 or more and receive a beautiful handcrafted enamel dolphin zipper pull designed by Alaskan artist, Wm. Spear.

P.P.S. Donate $50, or become a Monthly Sustaining Donor, and receive an organic cotton Save Japan Dolphins campaign t-shirt. All shipping free.;jsessionid=00000000.app30123a

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Blackfish  2 DVD.jpg

The International Marine Mammal Project is a project of the non-profit organization Earth Island Institute network. EII receives high marks from Charity Navigator, demonstrating that we are worthy of your trust. 

🐳 Your April whale and dolphin news 🐬

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

News from the world of whales and dolphins


I just had to share this photo of spinner dolphins with you. It actually made me say ‚wow‘ out loud when I saw it!

Dolphins and whales are awesome – they evoke intense emotions when we encounter them in their natural environment.  There’s something about seeing a whale or dolphin powering through the water that makes it an unforgettable experience. It’s their size, their mystery, their intelligence – we can see ourselves in them and yet they are utterly other.

The photo above was taken by WDC ambassador, Andrew Sutton and you can read more about this amazing whale and dolphin watching experience in his guest blog below.

While we’re talking about watching these magnificent creatures in the wild, I’ve got an uplifting story for you about how we are helping an ex-whale hunter to start a whale watch business. And, if you fancy watching out for dolphins and porpoises with us, then you could join our team in September as a volunteer on the island of Bardsey, north Wales.

As always, thank you for your support – it’s the donations we receive from people like you that mean we can keep ‚looking out‘ for whales and dolphins wherever they need us.

With best wishes on behalf of all at WDC.

Julia Pix

Watching for whales on Bardsey Island

This could be you!

Do you fancy joining us in north Wales to help with our fieldwork? We’re looking for volunteers to join our team for two weeks in September. Details, costs and application form can be found on our website. We’d love to see you.


Sperm whales dive

Extraordinary encounters

WDC ambassador, Andrew Sutton recounts his inspiring experience with sperm whales off Sri Lanka. We all love seeing whales and dolphins in the wild but we need to watch responsibly or we risk causing them harm.


Supporting a move to whale watching

Helping an ex-hunter

We believe in offering positive alternatives. That’s why we’ve been supporting an ex-whaler from the Caribbean as he hangs up his harpoon to start a whale watching business. It’s such an exciting project!


What we think these prehistoric whales looked like

Wow! Walking whale found

Scientists have unearthed the fossil of a 43-million-year-old whale who had webbed feet and hooves.


One of the belugas

Beluga move delayed

Awful weather in Iceland means we’ve had to postpone Little Grey and Little White’s journey to their new ocean sanctuary home for a short while. We’ll have a new move date soon and will let you know once the two whales have arrived safely. We can’t wait!


Common dolphins

EU lets dolphins down

Thousands of dolphins and porpoises die in fishing nets every year in EU waters. Last week, MEPs had a real chance to make a difference but they failed, voting in new laws which fall well short of what’s needed to stop these deaths.


minke whale

333 minke whales killed

Japanese whalers have killed 333 minke whales in what will be their last ‚research‘ hunt in Antarctica. They plan to resume full-scale commercial whaling in Japan’s waters this June.


Gerry Turley Whale Poster

Beautiful whale posters from Gerry Turley

Do you love humpback whales? Or are you after a special treat for yourself? Look no further! Gerry Turley’s signed, hand-finished screen printed posters add the wow-factor to any wall and each purchase helps support our work.


Wild Route to Freedom

Explore Scotland with Born Wild

There are still places available for Born Wild’s ‚Wild Route To Freedom‘, the ultimate Scottish adventure. It provides a unique exploration of the iconic, wild North Coast 500 route. Book a place on this trip and help to support our work.



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Help Dolphins Live in Peace

Killer whale spyhop by Espen Bergersen.jpg
IMMP Logo blue reverse.jpeg





Donate Button

Happy Holidays to you!

Dolphins and whales deserve freedom from capture and slaughter — and they need your help.

There are many worthy causes to choose from, and we thank you for your generosity.

We’re working in the courts and in the field to stop all capture and killing of dolphins and whales. And we’re pressing for captive whales and dolphins to be retired to seaside sanctuaries. We can’t do it without you!

Happy Holidays and thanks for making as generous a year-end donation as you can this year!  If you just recently donated, our special thanks to you.

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Phillips Blue Signature.png

David Phillips
International Marine Mammal Project, Earth Island Institute

PS. Donations are tax-deductible. The International Marine Mammal Project is part of the non-profit Earth Island Institute and we consistently receive high marks from all the Charity rating services.

Check out the great Dolphin Campaign Gifts you can get with your donation.

Photo copyright Espen Bergersen

Help Save Dolphins and Whales

Dave Phillips, Save Dolphins and Whales

IMMP new logo blue

As this year draws quickly to a close, I want to thank you for helping us save dolphins and whales and ask for your support to strengthen our efforts.

For me, there has been no more searing image from 2018 than the photo of Pacific Northwest orca mom Tahlequah holding her baby up at the surface, hoping against hope that her newborn would take its first breath and survive.

Not a single one of these orcas has had a successful birth in more than three years, and their total population of 74 is declining. They are fighting a desperate battle against extinction. Tragically, Tahlequah’s baby died within hours of birth. Orcas have incredibly tight bonds with their families and are widely known to grieve the losses of pod mates. It is rare for us to witness this grief. But this situation was like no other.

     Tahlequah carried her dead baby for seventeen days and nearly a thousand miles – a gripping indication of these orcas trying to hold on.
Tahlequah 2018-12-18 at 6.12.42 PM.jpg
     The photo sailed around the world. It was a moment of connection and learning about how incredible orca whale communities are, and what is at stake.

For us here at the International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP), it hammered home the importance of our hard work to stop the capture and trade of dolphins and orcas and confront the fishing practices, boat traffic, sound blasting, and plastic pollution that threaten their ocean homes.

We will never give up. Orcas and other dolphins have the right to live free from harm from world fishing industries and companies that profit off the cruel practices of holding them in concrete tanks to perform circus tricks. Our resolve is strengthened to stop the cruelty to dolphins and whales, shine the light on areas where the harm is taking place, and mobilize public support.

This work isn’t easy, and we cannot do it without your help. You’ve helped as consumers and petition signers, and supported undercover investigations, public advocacy and educational outreach. You have lots of choices of where to put your year-end gifts, and I hope you’ll consider making a generous donation today to help fund our work to protect whales, dolphins and their ocean habitats.

Donate Button;jsessionid=00000000.app318b?3439.donation=form1&idb=1735141285&df_id=3439&mfc_pref=T&NONCE_TOKEN=F53955369FC73767A18BC2E9CC4E216D&3439.donation=root

Freeing Whales from Lives in Tanks

     We made great progress this year as part of a pioneering lawsuit against SeaWorld to force them to finally tell the public the truth about the abuses associated with holding orcas in captivity. SeaWorld has tried to dismiss our lawsuit four times, but the federal judge has shut them down each time. The case will proceed to trial in the year ahead.Orca SeaWorld photo.jpeg

Captivity is cruel to orcas and other dolphins. They wear and break their teeth on the sides of tanks and steel gates. They are pumped up with drugs to deal with their health issues – anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, antibiotics, and stomach antacids. They have to continually perform for crowds just in order to eat, and they often die premature deaths.

Despite the growing opposition worldwide to holding whales in captivity, SeaWorld refuses to retire a single orca or dolphin to seaside sanctuaries where they can live longer, better lives.

With your support, we can force an end to this cruelty. 

Donate Button;jsessionid=00000000.app318b?3439.donation=form1&idb=1735141285&df_id=3439&mfc_pref=T&NONCE_TOKEN=F53955369FC73767A18BC2E9CC4E216D&3439.donation=root

An Orca and Beluga Disaster in Russia

Killer Whale Dorsal Fins

A massive scheme concocted by secret Russian business interests is threatening the lives of orcas and belugas right now. 11 orcas and 90 beluga whales were snatched from the wild and are being held in small secret pens in a harbor on the East Coast of Russia. Permits for captures under this unscientific and cruel plan were surreptitiously approved by the Russian government.

One of our staff members has been on-site in Russia, working closely with Russian activists to expose this tragedy, stop the export and press the government to see that these whales are returned to the wild where they belong.

But we face great odds, and time is of the essence. Up to a hundred million dollars could go Russian profiteers if they pull this off. And intervening to find out what is going on is highly dangerous work. A prominent Russian animal advocate was recently knocked down and her camera broken by thugs as she tried to photograph the outside of the whale holding facility. We must get the word out and support the efforts to get these orcas and belugas back to the wild.

Donate Button;jsessionid=00000000.app318b?3439.donation=form1&idb=1735141285&df_id=3439&mfc_pref=T&NONCE_TOKEN=F53955369FC73767A18BC2E9CC4E216D&3439.donation=root

Meanwhile, Japan also remains a hotspot for whale and dolphin misery. Japan Dec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpgcontinues to conduct whaling as well as allow and subsidize the continued killing of dolphins in Taiji.

We revealed to the world the ties of the international captivity industry with the slaughter of Taiji dolphins – the best “show quality” dolphins are separated permanently from their families and shipped around the world to dolphinariums to do circus tricks.  The rest of the families are brutally slaughtered and sold as meat in Japan markets – toxic meat, as it contains large quantities of mercury and PCBs.  It is a horrible business, and it must be ended. 

Donate Button;jsessionid=00000000.app318b?3439.donation=form1&idb=1735141285&df_id=3439&mfc_pref=T&NONCE_TOKEN=F53955369FC73767A18BC2E9CC4E216D&3439.donation=root

In all these campaigns and more, we are saving dolphins and whales thanks to your support.

On behalf of all dolphins swimming in their natural ocean homes and those that are desperate for our help, thank you again for your critical help.

Best Wishes,

DP Signature Blue.jpeg

David Phillips,  Executive Director
International Marine Mammal Project

Special Offer: Donate $100, or become a sustaining donor, and carry our beautiful, new organic cotton orca tote bag. For a donation of $50, wear our hand-sewn dolphin batik bandana. For a $35 donation, receive a handcrafted enamel dolphin zipper pull. Huge thanks!

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The International Marine Mammal Project is part of the Earth Island Institute network. EII receives high scores from Charity Ratings Services including Charity Navigator and GuideStar, demonstrating that we are worthy of public trust.

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🐳 Your November whale and dolphin news 🐬

All your latest news from the world of whales and dolphins and how you are helping to keep them safe and free!

No Images? Click here

WDC Whale and Dolphin Conservation

News from the world of whales and dolphins

Hi , thank you for your amazing support!

There’s something about the exuberance of a breaching humpback whale that puts a smile on your face isn’t there? When these peaceful, intelligent beings leap from beneath the waves, they break the boundary between our world and theirs and when I look at the whale in the picture above, I’m reminded why we do what we do.

All our efforts are only possible because of the generosity of our supporters. The majority of our work is funded by individuals – people like you who believe as strongly as we do that whales and dolphins are special and deserve our help. We are also lucky enough to work with fantastic companies and organisations who share our passion for protecting whales and dolphins. Our friends at Humble Bundle recently gave us our largest ever partner donation and so we want to say a massive thank you to them and the entire Humble Bundle community for the money they raised to support our efforts to end captivity.

Thanks for being an important part of this brilliant community of people helping us keep whales and dolphins safe and free.

With best wishes on behalf of everyone at WDC,

Julia Pix, WDC campaigns manager

Dolphin and calf

Dolphin tales

The dolphins of Scotland’s Moray Firth are amazing individuals and following their fascinating lives is a privilege. Here we bring you the highlights of the 2018 dolphin season. You can adopt a dolphin as a Christmas gift and we’ll keep the adopter up-to-date all year round.


Humpback whales in Antarctica

Protecting Antarctica

Marine protection is generally granted by nations. But what about the whales and dolphins who don’t live in national waters? If you are a whale who lives in Antarctica – who protects your home? My colleague, Erich Hoyt, explains the exciting work he’s doing.


A New Zealand dolphin leaps

Reflecting on NZ dolphins

Writer and WDC Ambassador, Philip Hoare was lucky enough to encounter endangered New Zealand dolphins on a recent trip, and in this guest blog he reflects on their beauty, their plight and our shared responsibility to protect them.


WDC calls for stronger protection in UK seas

Stronger UK laws needed​

You may have joined our campaign for better protection for whales and dolphins in UK seas after Brexit. Now, the new Fisheries Bill has been launched and it’s not good enough. We need to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear.


Helen, the last dolphin left at Vancouver Aquarium

Canada to end captivity?

Great news! The Canadian Senate has passed a Bill to outlaw the captivity of whales, dolphins and porpoises. The Bill needs to be passed by the House of Commons in May but will hopefully bring an end to this cruel practice in Canada.


2018 Christmas Hamper

Win a whale hamper

We are delighted to announce the return of our Christmas hamper. All you need to do is to let us know what your favourite whale or dolphin species is and why. You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a bundle of whale-related goodies, free of charge! (UK only)


Christmas Raffle

Play our Christmas raffle

You could win £1,000 first prize, £500 second prize or one of five £100 runners-up prizes. It cost just £1 and the money raised will help whales and dolphins around the world. Hurry the raffle closes on 7 January 2019. (Ts & Cs apply).


URGENT: Abandoned Dolphin, Penguins Need Your Help

A dolphin called Honey, 46 penguins, and hundreds of fish and reptiles have been abandoned at Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium in Choshi, Japan, after it shut down earlier this year. Former employees are reportedly feeding the animals, but Honey has been left imprisoned in a tiny, filthy pool with green, cloudy water, and penguins have been spotted in unsafe enclosures littered with debris.
Honey—who was captured in 2005 near Taiji during Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter—is growing increasingly frustrated and stressed from being deprived of everything that’s natural and important to her. If she’s transferred to another aquarium, she’ll likely spend the rest of her life in a tiny tank, being forced to perform circus-style tricks for food.

It’s vital that all the animals imprisoned at the run-down aquarium be released to sanctuaries, where they’d be protected and free from harassment. PETA stands ready to help with their relocation.
Please click here to ask the governor of Chiba Prefecturewho has the authority to release the animalsto take immediate action and transfer the animals to a sanctuary, where they can live out the rest of their days in peace.

Take Action!


Jason Baker
Vice President of International Campaigns

it’s time to gear up and remind people that SeaWorld is still a terrible place for animals and that they shouldn’t visit any marine park or aquarium.

Summer is around the corner, and because you’re a caring person, it’s time to gear up and remind people that SeaWorld is still a terrible place for animals and that they shouldn’t visit any marine park or aquarium. To help you prep, we’re giving away 10 of our “SeaWorld Sucks” shirts! To enter, all you have to do is take action for animals on the peta2 app between May 30 and June 7.*

seaworld sucks tee

Saving Dolphins and Whales

Dave Phillips, Save Dolphins and Whales

IMMP new logo blue

Thank you so much for caring about dolphins and whales and for helping our International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP) team respond to threats to whales and dolphins in the US and around the world.

Saving Captive Whales and Dolphins 

Our focus on the cruelty of keeping orcas in captive tanks is making a big difference. SeaWorld’s failure to support retirement of its orcas while also continuing its circus shows and dolphin swim-with programs is causing many visitors to stay away. It also resulted in the recent departure of CEO Joel Manby for failing to stop the dramatic slide in SeaWorld’s attendance.

But while captive orcas get most of the media’s attention, we’re also not losing sight of necessary actions to protect their smaller dolphin cousins. We’ve just launched a new short 6-minute video Lives of Wild Dolphins to highlight the plight of captive dolphins. You can watch it here.

Lives of Wild Dolphins eblast.jpgOur video makes it clear that captivity cannot ever come close to providing the needs of free and wild dolphins. This message is critical right now as SeaWorld keeps pumping out false statements about how “happy” dolphins and whales are in their concrete tanks.

There isn’t a single orca or dolphin currently in captivity that wouldn’t benefit by being retired to a seaside ocean sanctuary to live in natural seawater and free from performances and unhealthy lives in tanks.

With your help we can get this message out around the world and press SeaWorld and the rest of the captivity industry to change.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan

You’ve been a key part of our efforts to end the tragic slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, since before the Academy award-winning movie “The Cove” was released. It is shocking that the Japanese government continues to subsidize this brutal slaughter despite the shame that it brings to Japan. But while the Japanese government is actually increasing the kill quotas, dolphin kill levelsDec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpg have been dropping almost every year. 

We need help to stop the sale of live dolphins captured in Taiji to captive theme parks around the world. And we must also continue to spread the word that Taiji dolphin meat is heavily laden with mercury and is dangerous to eat. Thankfully, every year fewer and fewer Japanese people buy and eat dolphin or whale meat products.

We’re also pressuring the Japan government to end whaling and dolphin killing prior to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Our letter to Japan’s government was signed by 23 international environmental and animal welfare organizations.

Please help us focus the glare of world attention on Japan to end the shameful abuse of dolphins and whales.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

Donate Button

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is moving ahead to destroy this important marine National Monument.  Established by President George W. Bush and expanded by President Barack Obama, this pristine and massive protected sanctuary of jewel-like waters and small islands is teeming with breeding birds, whales and dolphins, sharks and other fish species. This protected area is critical habitat for the region’s marine life.

PRI Monument photo .jpg

We will not let this area be destroyed. We are preparing to go to court against the Trump Administration to prevent shrinking the Monument and opening it to massive commercial fishing, using fishing methods that entangle whales and dolphins and sacrifice sharks and other species. Your support will help us win this effort.;jsessionid=00000000.app315b

In all these campaigns and more, we are saving dolphins and whales thanks to your help. With your tax-deductible donation, you can receive gifts, including our new campaign t-shirt .

On behalf of all dolphins and whales swimming in their natural ocean homes and those that are desperate for our help, thank you again for your critical support.

Best Wishes,

DP Signature Blue.jpeg

David Phillips,  Executive Director
International Marine Mammal Project

With a monthly sustaining donation we’ll send you our beautiful new organic Dolphin Campaign t-shirt, or a „Blackfish“ movie DVD (with free shipping).

                 Blackfish.jpg  New Tshirt photo.jpeg

The International Marine Mammal Project is part of the Earth Island Institute network. EII receives high scores from Charity Ratings Services including Charity Navigator and GuideStar, demonstrating that we are worthy of public trust.

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AAA Promotes the Keeping of Dolphins and Orcas in Concrete Tanks

It’s been more than four years since the release of the documentary Blackfish whose „star,“ Tilikum, died after 33 years in a concrete tank—but orcas at SeaWorld are still swimming in endless circles and breaking their teeth by gnawing in frustration on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks. Other animals are still being impregnated, sometimes forcibly after being drugged, and an infant dolphin died just minutes after birth.

Dozens of companies—including JetBlue, Mattel, Southwest Airlines, STA Travel, and Taco Bell—have severed ties with the park. Yet AAA continues to promote the cruel company, which profits from keeping highly intelligent bottlenose dolphins and orcas in concrete tanks that, to them, are the size of bathtubs.

AAA says that feedback from its members and the public is its most valuable source of information, so we need your help to let it know that it’s wrong to promote an abusement park such as SeaWorld, which deprives complex, emotional, and social animals of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Please ask the motor club to do the right thing and stop promoting SeaWorld. If you’re a AAA member, please mention that in the message below and remind the company that cruelty to animals is a very serious issue to you.

Don’t forget to follow up with a polite call to the company at 407-444-8402 urging it to end its affiliation with SeaWorld. (Note: AAA’s office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. ET.)