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How many Galactic Federations and Councils are intervening in human affairs? Today we are witnessing the final stages of a decades-long temporal war involving multiple timelines that compete, co-exist, and ultimately converge with one another. As we approach the end of this temporal war, with the Earth as the epicenter of what would have been a future galactic tyranny, the truth is emerging about these events and the different galactic groups and organizations that have played significant roles.

Dr. Michael Salla gives a grand tour of the different extraterrestrial groups and secret space programs involved in the temporal war that has been silently raging around us, unknown to most of humanity. His presentation spans 4 hours (Parts 1 and 2). A 90 minute special panel (Part 3) with extraterrestrial contactees Elena Danaan and Megan Rose covers topics raised in Dr. Salla’s presentation along with their insights on their latest intel reports.Read more