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BREAKING: Canadian seal slaughter begins


BREAKING: Canadian seal slaughter begins

Canadian seal slaughter begins

Canada’s barbaric seal slaughter has begun.

Sealers will kill tens of thousands of defenseless young seals before they’re through, shooting the animals or slamming spiked clubs into their soft skulls and then tearing their skin off—often in full view of their family members, who are helpless to stop the killing. It’s up to kind people like you and me to make sure that this year’s massacre is the last.

Will you help protect seals and other vulnerable animals by donating right now?

Protect Animals Now

The commercial slaughter of seals in Canada is on its last legs, yet despite the growing outcry against it both in that country and around the world, the Canadian government is allowing it to take place again, leaving countless bloodied bodies in its wake. Many seal pups are so young when they’re violently killed that they haven’t even learned how to swim.

Thanks to activism by supporters of PETA and our international affiliates and by other kind people around the globe, there are few countries left that are willing to buy seals‘ skins, their flesh, or seal oil—and it’s clear that this grisly trade is on life support. Without the millions of dollars in government subsidies that it receives, the sealing industry would have collapsed long ago—and with your help, we’re urging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop propping it up with taxpayers‘ money.

Your gift to PETA today will strengthen our work to end the slaughter and save animals‘ lives.

Help Protect Seals From Slaughter!

We’re working hard to end the annual seal massacre, and we need you with us to make the killing stop.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk