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On Earth What will people experience as the show of all shows hits its climax or peak? – (THE SHIFT) — Inner Earth Hypnosis Session

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Do you have some sort of time frame for that to happen?

It is so close. The spheres have been moving away now. there were so many that were there helping to step down the energy. They have been further moving out of the solar system. Cause it’s not only earth moving to Gaia. It is the whole solar system that is moving up. They’ve been in the solar system helping it to step down the energy, but now that it’s leveled, they are moving out of the solar system and watching from afar what is going to happen. It is the show of all shows. Everyone has a front row seat. Everyone is waiting and it is magnificent.

On Earth What will people experience as the show of all shows hits its climax or peak?

Their DNA will shift, Their DNA has always been there, it was turned off to control. It is turning back on. The switches on their DNA will be turned on like a computer turning on. They will wake up, they will have the connection back with their source. They will almost not even remember what it was like to not be connected.

And when do you see that happening?

Very close. It’s happening very soon. The spheres are moving out now. All the spheres are moving out of the solar system. Everyone is in position to watch the event happen. To watch this event that is taking place in the solar system.

Will it be within my clients lifetime then?

Oh yes, definitely. That’s why she’s here. She would not miss this. Within this year. This is the year that it will happen, it’s so close. Everyone is just waiting. They have their watches with the countdown on, counting down.

Why did somany say that it would happen last year?

It was supposed to happen last year, but there were not enough ready. They thought that they could release more of the light onto the planet, but realized as they did so it was not helping humanity. So the spheres came in to step down the energy that was being sent to the planet. sent to Gaia, to the earth that is changing to Gaia. So they stepped down the energy because it was actually hurting rather than helping to have that much energy come to the earth. It was too much. They realized there was too much. It was like stepping in to hot water – it can’t be too hot – you have to try it out little by little to see what works. You slowly get used to it. They’re used to it now. It is on now full